Seen this, and wanted to keep track of it.

Saw this cool article with cool ideas for cheap dates. Decided I would like to post it here so I could make sure I have it to check out closer when looking for affordable ideas.

Sarah Pierce Updated: Jul 19, 2007

With great weather and a desire to be adventurous, there’s no excuse for you and your partner not to go on a date. Don’t have enough money, you say? Here are 20 ideas for memorable dates that won’t set you back more than $20.
1. Find the best happy hour in town. Look through your newspaper or search online for local restaurants and bars with happy hours. Most places offer half-price food and drink specials, allowing you to get two drinks and share an appetizer for less than $20.
2. Go to a museum. Most museums either have free admission or offer free entry on certain days of the month.
3. Visit your local zoo. Most zoos offer adult tickets for less than $10. Pack your own snacks and bottled water and have a mini picnic while you’re there.
4. Go on a romantic hike. Bring a backpack and surprise your partner with a bottle of champagne, glasses and fresh strawberries.
5. Go swimming at your local pool, lake or beach. Bring some water toys and have more fun than the kids.
6. Beat the heat with an ice cream date. Take two scoops to the park, or take a walk downtown and go people watching.
7. Hit the dollar movie theater. Lots of cities have discount movie theaters showing second-run features. Pick a rainy day and have a movie marathon.
8. Take a downtown walking tour. Discover things and places you never knew existed. While you’re there, pick up a free visitors guide for more date ideas.
9. Plan a cheap picnic. Go on a picnic at the beach, mountains or in your own backyard. Grab a blanket, pack a deli sandwich and a bottle of $5 wine.
10. Take a blanket to the beach. Split your budget between a bottle of wine and cheese, then enjoy the sunset while you snuggle on a blanket.
11. Stroll through the botanical gardens. Spend the day
“walking hand in hand through rose gardens and tropical rainforests”
walking hand in hand through rose gardens and tropical rainforests, for less than $10 a ticket.
12. Be a kid again. Go bowling, play miniature golf, ride go-carts or play laser tag.
13. Build a bonfire. All you need is some firewood, snacks and a drink of your choice. This is also a great opportunity to make ‘smores.
14. Rent something. Go roller- or ice-skating, rent a two-seater bike and pedal through the park, or paddle a boat on a pond.
15. Paint pottery together. Lots of studios let you get creative for around $6 an hour.
16. Pitch a tent. Park fees are usually less than $10, which leaves money for food and firewood. Go camping and roast hot dogs as you gaze at the stars.
17. Go wine tasting. Most wineries charge around $5 for a tasting of five different wines — plus,
“you’ll get to keep the glass as a souvenir of your date”
you’ll get to keep the glass as a souvenir of your date.
18. Take a scenic drive. Pull over to have coffee and dessert at a nice cafe.
19. Explore local galleries and artists. Many cities have art walks one night a month during the summer, with the bonus of a free glass of wine.
20. Rack ’em up at your local pool joint. With pool games costing less than $2, you might even have money left over to share a pitcher of beer.

New areas!

2! Count them 2 new areas added today!  Linux, and Gaming areas were both added.  They are both Linux related of course, but still.  I will be adding more info to them as I get time, but thought I would get the basics up there now!  Hope they help someone!  Enjoy!

MMA Page added.

Well, I had wanted to take all my MMA links and organize them into a nice page for a while. I finally did it! I like it! Hope anyone else who is interested enough to go look likes it also! I hope to eventually link to some fighters pages and blogs also. At least my favorites! I just keep plugging away at getting all of these things added.. Slow but sure! Maybe some day I will get it the way I want it and actually become better at posting huh? 🙂


Ok, I know Libby is just a fall guy, but if he has been lying through his teeth like special prosecutor Fitzgerald says he has, he should be going to jail. This is getting so old with the Bush administration. They are a bunch of lying pieces of crap that just keep covering up for each other.. We spent 40 million dollars to discover Bill got a BJ in office, but our president breaks the law, pardons his peons and refuses to cooperate with the other branches of government, and where is our countries outrage? Why are people not upset? Why are so many people still voting republican? I do not understand? Do they not believe what they see? They are corrupt! Get on with it!

I am so sick of our twisted government. You learn about the balance of powers in School, and think, that is not a bad idea.. Then as you get older and see how horrible it works in practice, it is completely sad. I am so disappointed with how it works in practice. Anyone else? Leave a comment!

Regnum Online!

Ok, so a few months back, I noticed a MMORPG on one of the Linux RSS feeds I follow. It is called Regnum Online. It is free, with Premium Content, and it runs natively on Linux and Windows. As a big fan for Linux and MMORPG’s, I of course had to check it out. 🙂 It is a little simple compared to some games out today.. But it is still rather addictive.


As you can see, it is not the highest level graphics ever, however, that being said, it is really a rather cool game. The idea is that you level up on quests, then battle between the 3 kingdoms to own the most castles, towers etc.

Here is the full page.

You can have clans, and parties and all the regular stuff for MMORPG’s… except, they do not have professions. So you can not bake, cook, make potions, or much of anything else like that. It is pretty much an old fashioned Sword & Sorcery type of game. Which is just fine by me. It is also largely played by spanish speaking people as the developers are in Argentina I believe.

I had started out playing it alone, but since a reset where they took the servers live and ended the beta, Emmy and I have been playing together. It is a lot more fun with someone. Emmy and I have been hacking and slashing our way through as a couple of warriors. It is a lot of fun! 🙂 If you care to look us up in the game, we are members of the Syrtis Kingdom, and she is Kilenu, and I am Xirx or Mystak. Have fun all! 🙂 Hope to see you there!

Godless Comedy

So Emmy had never really explored so recently she started.. In doing so, she had actually found several things I really enjoyed! 🙂 (Thanks honey!) For example, she found PatCondell who also has a website. If you are offended by jokes about religion and such, well, you may as well get ready to be insulted.. Cause he is gonna tear you a new one! 😛 Now, on the good side, he does say there is at least one good use for the bible..

Apheresis Donation..

  So every month, or so, I donate platelets.  I do this through Apheresis. It takes around 2 hours or so, but it helps someone out, so I am more then happy to do it.  And the great people at Life South are just great!  I recommend that anyone who can give blood, try it out if your local Blood Donation place offers the option.  I get to go once a month instead of nearly every 3 months or so.  I get to watch a movie and get a shirt if I want one, and have any snack I like.. I usually pass on the snacks as they are all High Fructose Corn Syrup and Hydrogenated oils.. And I only take one of any type of shirt they get.  But they have a great movie selection, and we get to sit and finish watching if we finish with the donation before the movie finishes.. All and all, not a bad way to kill some time on a Sunday afternoon, and you are helping someone by doing it!

Remember, they always need blood, and it is not like you lose something by donating it!  So donate today! It could be a family member or friend of yours who ends up needing it!


So I am into Linux.. Have been for years.. I have used a bit of everything.. From early Slackware in 94 or 95.. to Redhat 5 or so… then Mandrake for a few years as a server and then Lindows/Linspire a few years later for a Desktop OS.. Since then, I have used a lot of the Debian based distros.. Knoppix, Mepis, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xandros etc.  I also tried Lyrcoris, PcLinuxOS, Gentoo and many others.. I find I tend to come back to the Debian based apt-get type distros though, as they are what I know and am comfortable with..

Of course, for anyone who knows me, I also have Emmy, who is right there into Linux with me.  So when I seen this I just had to post about it.. Cause Emmy is a Linuxchix through and through.. We run our business for the most part on Linux.. She does all the web development on Linux.. and she has only me as support.. Pretty impressive, as I do not feel I am an expert at much of anything. 🙂  Well, just thought it was cool when I seen it and had to share. 🙂

Exercise again..

So I have started exercising again. I do mostly curls and riding currently.. I am riding around 10 miles a day to get started.. Just to try to get in better shape for other things to come.. In the past, I go for 2-3 months, then lose interest for a few months, then go for a few months, then stop.. etc. Well, I do not know currently if I will last any better this time, but I really wanna drop some weight again. I am starting to feel out of shape.. I do not mind looking a bit out of shape.. but the feeling is horrible. So, I am back at it.

Wish me luck! I have done 10 miles a day for the last 3-4 days now.. Can not remember which day I actually started.. I have also started not snacking after 8pm. In the past, the combination of these two things for a little over a month actually dropped my weight down to about 185.. Which is still horrible, but I was feeling better.. As someone who grew up a scrawny kid I feel huge at 185.. I am hoping to get back to 170 or so.. Maybe 175 or so..

I plan to do this by trying to change my life style.. Which means adding more exercise(we take our walk in Crew Lake Park every morning.) and just dropping any late night snacks.. I think it makes a huge difference. I figure the trick is, to add things in that are not to unbearable.. That way, I am more then willing to keep going with them.. So 10 miles a day in riding, and hopefully 100 25 lbs curls per arm every other day.. Then I will add in Push ups, then maybe some crunches.. Then we will see..