So I am now officially in my homeland, Cimmeria. I am running around and helping people do the usual chores. Everything from helping the lazy apprentice recover his saddlebags from the wolves who ate his horse, to bringing inheritance weapons back to a family from a veteran who fears he will fall in battle. The land is huge and awesome. The hills of Cimmeria are sparse and hostile to the uninitiated.

Sadly I still do not remember my entire past. I am however relearning skills. I have become adept at many skills, such as Hide, Fast Run, Recovery, climbing, bandaging and several others. I increase my proficiency in these skills every level. I also receive training in my feats every level. These are special battle skills. They seem to help a lot.

I notice myself becoming more ferocious in battle. More blood spatter, and faster deaths. The blood actually comes up in my eyes on occasion when I fight, but as any good barbarian, I love it! I have also learned to stop noticing the level on the weapon so much. It is the attributes and quality of a weapon and armor that matter, not the level.

It feels good to be back home in Cimmeria, however, I fear for my homeland, it is at war as usual, but there are many hardships I must help my people face. I can not help everyone, but it seems everyone needs two or three things done. The one person who seems to think they can help me remember who I truly am refuses to help me until I get more experience under my belt. The Kurr!

I leave now to return to my chores of earning the trust of my people back. I fear I am like a stranger to them, but I hope one day to encounter someone who remembers me from my youth and can remind me of my days of glory. If not, I am sure I will return to my path of glory shortly enough! To Battle! Join the War!

The Job thing..

So I was reminded by someone who reads my blog recently that I forgot to post the results.  Basically, I did not get a full time job.  They decided they did not wanna pay what it would be worth for a full time person in that position.  So the Doctor decided to put off hiring anyone full time for now.  They did however say they really liked me and said they would like to hire me full time when the doctor decides they need someone full time.

So no go for now..

Age of Conan

So I am addicted to a new MMORPG. It is pretty awesome. The graphics are cool, even in the slimmed down settings I have to run in because my computer is like 7 years old. 🙁 I am strongly encouraged to upgrade so that the game is much more playable.

The graphics are truly amazing. Some of the battles, even in the single player missions are truly epic. I have enjoyed what I have played so far greatly. Sadly, the slow computer makes it frustrating to play for any real length of time, so I play a while, log off, play a while, log off.. I can not even move at night when the servers are real busy. It is a truly awesome game. You can read more about it in my MMORPG tab.

My one real disappointment was that I was completely unable to get it running in Linux. 🙁

Applied for a real Job.

So my mother called me up and told me the doctor she works for was looking for an IT person. She described the job to me, and I thought, why not? It is close. We been thinking it would be nice to have a retirement plan, some benefits etc. So I called them up, and they had me come in for an interview. It went pretty well I think. They actually run Linux, on some servers, which I found really cool. I was actually excited about that. They also seem to have a lot of interest in staying current with technology. One of my favorite things to do! 🙂

Now, I am just waiting to find out if I got the job. Always the worst part for someone I guess. I should hear something tomorrow. Wednesday 4/30 will tell. Wish me luck. I am not counting on it, but the job sounds like it would be perfect for me. I would really enjoy playing with the new technology and a nice network as well. I will try to remember to post and let everyone know how it works out. Wish me luck!

Picnic today..

Well, it is getting to be beautiful weather here in Florida, so we have been doing more outside stuff.  Today we took Aunt Susie down to Hudson Beach for a Picnic.  It was a lot of fun.  The breeze was a bit cool under the pavilion, but just wonderful in the sun!  Tomorrow should be just as much fun.  We are heading down to Venice beach so Emmy can finally look for some more shark teeth.  She has been wanting to go down ever since her Dad was here and we went down there.  It should be fun!

Great day!

Had a great day! Emmy and I went and seen “The Golden Compass”. We then went out to dinner at Carrabba’s. It was a really good day! We decided to do an early Valentines Day, but Carrabba’s was actually very busy as a lot of other people seemed to have the same idea. This is the first time since Bleys moved in with us that we went out to dinner or to the movies without him. I actually felt somewhat guilty, but figure for Valentines Day, Emmy deserves my full attention.

We then come home and Emmy gave me a foot rub! Was really nice of her. On the way home we did stop off and get some Ice cream for Bleys. We also picked up some Lottery Tickets and Scratch off Tickets. We gave one to Bleys, and got a scratch off for each of us. I won $4 and Bleys won $25, so he did get lucky for Valentines Day! Better then nothing I guess. 🙂

Getting in Shape.

So as some might have realized reading my blogs, I have been trying to get in shape. I recently started riding an exercise bike. In January or so I decided it was a good way to start out the new year. I started out riding 5 miles a day for the first month. I do a few other exercises as well. I am doing the curls and shoulder presses every other day or so also. Well, over the last week, I have been ramping it up a bit. I am doing between 10 miles and 25 miles a day now. Feeling pretty good too.

I have learned in the past, if I can make it a part of my daily routine, as long as I do not have anything break it up, I get so I actually crave the workout. I am getting to that point now. I actually WANT to ride. I actually want to do my curls and such. I look forward to getting in better shape!

Games in Linux

Recently, I have felt like gaming.  I have stacks of older games just laying around, so I decided to go through and see what I could make run in Wine.  I was having limited success at first, but I discovered PlayonLinux which takes care of many things for you.  One of the things it does that helps tremendously is create a separate Wine directory like wineprefixcreate.  It gives you a nice gui to edit all of the normal settings.  I highly recommend using it!

Another thing I have discovered is that many programs run better in an emulated Virtual Desktop. I am really surprised just how many games run.  I am actually having as much luck with this as what I ever had with Cedega. I have been using PlayonLinux and choosing Install, Liveinstall and installing the Game.  As I am doing a Liveinstall, I have to do the same when I want to add a patch or an addon.  Unless the game you want to install is listed in their game scripts.

Using this method, I am also able to install DirectX and do DLL overrides.  Looking at the WineappDB you can get advise on what you need to override, and do to make it run.  It is much easier then I thought it would be. I have been able to get:

  • Battlefield 1942 to run
  • Battlefield 2142
  • Gearhead Garage
  • Simcity 4
  • Europa 1400: The Guild
  • The Guild 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • The Movies
  • C&C Generals
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
  • Hotrod American Street Drag
  • 18 Wheels of Steel
  • Hidden & Dangerous 2

and I am still playing.  It is a lot of fun!  I am having almost as much fun getting them to run as I am playing them!

Emmy Rocks.

Just in case I have not mentioned it in the past, Emmy, my better half, rocks!  For several years I have sort of been wanting the Babylon 5 Series on DVD.  This year, she got them for me.  The entire Collection, for my Birthday.  I am thrilled!  Specially with the Writers strike in Hollywood!  Many of the shows we watch are pretty much at a stand still, so now I get to watch one of my favorite shows all over again!  I am still exercising daily,  doing 5 miles a day on the bike. It is a lot of fun still.

Tonight we are going out to dinner at Upthecreek. My mother will not be around next weekend as she is going up to my brother Mikes, so she is treating for my birthday this weekend.  Should be fun!  It is the same place we went for Emmy’s birthday last summer.  Thanks again for Babylon 5 Emmy!  I love you!