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So everytime I get a chance, I go and comb the local library for Python and Linux books. Why? Well, because I would like to know more about Linux, and because I have had a long standing interest in learning Python. Ever since I discovered you could create applications like Lsongs in Python. Lsongs may not be the best music player ever, but it is pretty feature rich, and reasonably pretty. So it got me interested in Python. I will be trying to learn more about Python soon as I just bought a decent book from Amazon on Python.

What I did get recently at the library was Linux For Dummies and Linux Power Tools. Seems silly right? Getting a Dummies book, and a Powertools book? However, the dummies book is about Fedora Core, which I have not used. The last time I tried an RPM distro was Red Hat 6.2 and Mandrake 8.2? Mandrake is now Mandriva, Red Hat now has a seperate free version (Fedora Core) and their Red Hat Products are aimed at Servers and such. So it has been a while. So the Dummy book on Fedora could be interesting. Although, the more I read about RPM stuff, the more I am happy with Debians apt-get and synaptic and dpkg package management for stuff. 🙂

The Power Tools book is all about improving performance and tweaking your system. In the book they talk about compiling your own kernel, different package management for different distros (they talk about Suse, Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake and Slackware throughout the book.) If you ever wanted a bit more in depth knowledge of the differences in distros, this is not a bad book. It has just enough info to be useful, but not enough to make you an expert at anything. 😛

As I read more, I will post more thoughts about it. Just felt like I should post some idea of what I am learning today.

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