So I am into Linux.. Have been for years.. I have used a bit of everything.. From early Slackware in 94 or 95.. to Redhat 5 or so… then Mandrake for a few years as a server and then Lindows/Linspire a few years later for a Desktop OS.. Since then, I have used a lot of the Debian based distros.. Knoppix, Mepis, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xandros etc.  I also tried Lyrcoris, PcLinuxOS, Gentoo and many others.. I find I tend to come back to the Debian based apt-get type distros though, as they are what I know and am comfortable with..

Of course, for anyone who knows me, I also have Emmy, who is right there into Linux with me.  So when I seen this I just had to post about it.. Cause Emmy is a Linuxchix through and through.. We run our business for the most part on Linux.. She does all the web development on Linux.. and she has only me as support.. Pretty impressive, as I do not feel I am an expert at much of anything. 🙂  Well, just thought it was cool when I seen it and had to share. 🙂

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