Ok, I know Libby is just a fall guy, but if he has been lying through his teeth like special prosecutor Fitzgerald says he has, he should be going to jail. This is getting so old with the Bush administration. They are a bunch of lying pieces of crap that just keep covering up for each other.. We spent 40 million dollars to discover Bill got a BJ in office, but our president breaks the law, pardons his peons and refuses to cooperate with the other branches of government, and where is our countries outrage? Why are people not upset? Why are so many people still voting republican? I do not understand? Do they not believe what they see? They are corrupt! Get on with it!

I am so sick of our twisted government. You learn about the balance of powers in School, and think, that is not a bad idea.. Then as you get older and see how horrible it works in practice, it is completely sad. I am so disappointed with how it works in practice. Anyone else? Leave a comment!

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