A good day!

Had a really nice day today. We all went and watched the new Harry Potter Movie. Order of the Phoenix. It was a great movie! Best Wizards Duel I have EVER seen, bar none! It was awesome! I have read a lot of reviews slamming the newest movie for being to dark and so on and so forth. It was exactly what I would expect at this point in Harry’s life! It was great. He started out a bit moody and dark, but by the end his friends had gotten through to him and the gang was kicking butt. I highly recommend the movie! I loved it!

We then went out for dinner with my mother. We went to a place called Captain Jack’s. Had some awesome Mango BBQ Shrimp! Woo! Was great! Actually, I got scallops. Emmy got the shrimp and we shared. The shrimp was the stuff.

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