MMA payouts to little?

Ok, a lot of people are saying that MMA fighters are under paid.  I am still trying to figure this out.  I mean seriously, in the UFC they make between 3k and 350k that I have seen.  That seems like a good wage for everyone if you ask me.  If you are on the under card, I can see where you only get 3k.. I mean, how many people are coming to see just you, or paying for a ppv just to see you?  I think that to get good money, it should be a matter of,”What did you bring to the show?”

Many people seem to disagree, they claim that MMA fighters, and UFC fighters specifically are getting screwed.  How so?  The average American is not making  anywhere near that.  Just because boxers some how managed to arrange to get outrageous sums of money.. Of course, with that sport dying, or it should have by now, I do not understand why anyone would hold that up as an example of something you want to copy.  I think making 3k in a night is not a bad night.  And any more is a great night!

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