Linux From Scratch (LFS)

So I have been looking around at all the distros recently, and can not pick which one I would like next.  So I got to looking around, and remembered a project I had sort of looked at doing once long ago. I never got around to it, but decided this time I would.  So I will be working on setting up Linux From Scratch. It should be fun!  🙂

It is kind of cool. You start with a very base system they provide on CD, and format a drive, and start building your system on it using the base system as the tools to do it.  I am hoping I can build a decent system that will be fairly usable, and maybe I can even create a livecd that I can use to install it on my system in the future.  We will see how it goes.

I am really looking forward to this.  I have always thought something like this would really improve my knowledge of Linux.  Hopefully it will! We will see! Wish me luck.

Live Free or Die Hard

So we went and saw Live Free or Die Hard today at one of our local replay cheap theaters. It was well worth it! Good movie!  If you liked any of the other Die Hard movies, you will like this one.  It has a similar feel to The Last Boy Scout that Bruce Willis did.  His entire family basically hates him, but they know they can count on him.  Good stuff.

I also liked the part played by the Mac guy Justin Long. First time I have ever seen a hacker part not played like a complete idiot.  Ok, maybe not the first, but one of the first.  Anyways, was a cool flick. I would recommend it to anyone for a good action movie.

Captain Jack’s

So we went back to Captain Jack’s for Bleys’ birthday today. We went there once before and I said how good the Mango BBQ shrimp we got there was.. Well, tonight it was horrible. I sent mine back. It was completely horrible. I guess they have a new cook, and they totally lack consistency. Won’t be in a hurry to go back there, but we have decided we are going to try and figure out how to make our own Mango BBQ shrimp ourselves.

Cool Web Tool.

Ever been curious what sort of server someone is using? Like Microsoft for example? Do they use only their own products on the web? Or do they use some other stuff too? Maybe a bit of Solaris? Or Linux? Find out. Curious if your favorite Linux Dealer is a closet MS user? I could not find any of the Linux distros off the top of my head that used Windows Servers.. Several with Unknown.. but I did not see any MS servers on Redhat, Debian, Mepis, Freespire, Linspire, Gentoo or Slackware. Could be some out there though.. Some interesting stuff though.. You can go look at Netcraft and search to your hearts conent! Enjoy!

Resizing multiple images in Linux at once.

mkdir pics80

Make a directory to put them in.

Change directory to where the images all are.

for i in $(ls *.jpg); do convert $i -resize 80 -quality 80 pics80/np-$i; done

Set the .jpg to whatever type of images you are resizing.

We are doing an ls of the  directory, assigning the files it sees of that type to the variable $i, we are then using the convert command that comes with ImageMagick to resize the pictures to 80 pixels height, and reducing the quality of the image to 80% to make it a better file size and more usable for the web. We then put it in the directory we made named pics80 and rename it np-(New Pics)and the filename associated with it in the variable $i.

I hope this helps someone out, I know I am always converting pics, and do not wanna forget how I did it after struggling to figure it out the first time.

Democratic Congress a Failure?

Ok, so I have been reading stories about Bush and the Democratic Congress being failures. I have to disagree!  I mean, they are not fixing everything, but with the slim majority they have, they would not be able to.  Democrats are not great either, I mean, I do not trust anyone who goes into Politics for a living, but at least with the Democrats in control of congress, it has pulled some of the stupidity that was going on to a minimum.

In my opinion, the Republican controlled government has set us back about 20 years or so with our foreign policy.  In this day and age, we can not afford to run around the world with a Cowboy attitude dividing the good and evil into black and white groups.  There is a lot more gray in the world then what some people might like to think, including our president.  Running in and sticking our nose into things all over the world is scary. What gives us the right?

Shouldn’t we just work with the United Nations to fix these things? I mean seriously?  Us running around and attacking Middle Eastern Countries is like New Hampshire attacking Florida for something and not just dealing with the Federal Government to get it fixed.  In this Global age, we need to work as a world, rather then trying to dictate everything.  Why should anyone else work within the system if the most powerful nation in the world is not willing to?  Doesn’t not working within the system just make us the big bully of the playground?

Cool site!

Ok, I thought this was a really cool site. Looking to switch Linux Distros? You can compare them pretty well at this site. There is a choice in the upper left corner, Compare Products. You then choose what you wanna compare, you can compare all sorts of stuff! Blogs, Forums, or whatever. Then you can choose the features you are fishing for and it will compare by those. Very nice!