Massively Multiplayer Online Games for Linux.

Ok, so as a fan of the Massively Multiplayer Online Games, I have checked out a lot of them for Linux. I am looking more at the Visually pleasing games, not Muds and other such basic things. So, I will list the MMO Games I am aware of that have an actual Linux client, and work from there. 🙂

  1. Runescape : Runs on any platform that supports Java applets. Accounts can be free, or you can pay a subscription fee for additional abilities and content. The social aspect as well as the graphics will probably leave one wanting. Not an altogether bad game unless compared to newer more current commercial offerings. Free to play, but if you pay you get more content.
  2. Eternal Lands : Graphics are not to bad. The interface is horrible. The people are nice. I suppose if you took the time to figure out the interface it could be a decent game with everything they have in there. This is a free game.
  3. A Tale in the Desert : An interesting social game where there is no fighting. You skill up at things and work together to build a society and create the things you need to do so. I have tried it several times and lose interest everytime after a while just cause it would be nice to go break something or someone now and then. 🙁 Has a free trial, but then you need to pay.
  4. Regnum Online : This is probably one of my favorite “standard” MMORPG’s for Linux. It has a nice intuitive interface, decent graphics, and decent content. It still falls short of games like Everquest or World of Warcraft, but hey, they actually took the time to create a Linux Client, so show them some love and maybe things will get even better in an already well done game. The game is basically free, but they y have an interesting Pay for Premium Content business Model that could prove interesting.
  5. Vendetta Online : This is a very nice Space MMO game. It has pretty graphics, fairly intuitive interface, and they support pretty much all OSes. Show them some love! In this one, you are a space pilot, doing jobs of some sort and fighting pirates and other players while trying to make some cash. The combat is all “twitch” based or reaction time based, so if you are not high strung with good twitch skills, you may wanna look into doing some trade runs. They have a Free Trial, but if you wanna keep playing, it will cost ya.
  6. Planeshift : Planeshift has been in development for a long time. It has improved by leaps and bounds everytime I look at it. The graphics used to be pretty horrid, but looking now they look like they are improving. The interface is not to bad, and new features seem to be getting added, so it should be a solid game as time goes on. It also happens to be free, so might be worth a look. 🙂
  7. Second Life : Although not really my thing, I feel like they deserve a mention. Second Life is just that, a second life. You can create all sorts of things, and do all sorts of things in this game. They have a free basic membership, but if you want to own land, you will have to fork out the bucks. Not the standard MMO fair. They have a large number of users, so it might be worth a look.
  8. Puzzle Pirates : Never really played this, but some people rave about it. Would love to see some comments on what you think of it. The graphics look pretty limited to me, but this is more about puzzle solving by the looks of it. There is free content, and Premium Content.
  9. World Forge : Interesting Free MMORPG Base Project. Not sure how playable anything is, but should be mentioned, and might even be worth a look.

There are of course many Flash type games out there as well that should and could run in Linux. Games such as DragonFable. You can also play many of the MMORPG’s for Windows using Cedega. For help on getting those running in Cedega, your best bet is probably to look at the Cedega Wiki. Good luck!

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