Silly but fun!

Ok, lets go for something a tad silly.. Or simple, but fun. These may not be the best graphics, but they are what I kill my time with when I do not have a lot of time but need a break.

  1. Wormux – If you ever played Scorched Earth or a Worms Game.. This is similar.. Only even sillier! Good fun! Worth taking a look at.
  2. Tux Racer– A silly game where you are racing Tux down a hill on his belly getting fish and beating times. There is also Planet Penguin Racer which will soon be moving to Extreme Tux Racer. All good fun! They all look like the same game, but there are multiple versions, so who knows.
  3. Pingus : If you ever played Lemmings, this will seem familiar to you, only thing is, now it is Tux that you are trying to save!
  4. Frozen Bubble : Yeah, you are just shooting little colored balls.. It is silly, and strangely addictive. Enjoy!
  5. Globulation 2 : Ok, not the best RTS game I ever played, but it is decently done, and it has a tutorial and everything else for the kids and beginners! So it is worth a few minutes to check out and see if it is addictive for you!
  6. Kbounce : Did you ever play Jezzball on Windows? Well, this is the new version, and on it’s own, it is kinda boring.. However, if you make it use digital pictures from your family album or whatever, it adds a whole new twist, cause you find yourself trying to see enough of the picture to identify etc. Good fun!
  7. Konquest : Yeah, it is pretty simple, but it is still a good way to kill a few minutes. You start out with a planet creating 10 ships per turn. The idea, conquer the board. Good luck!
  8. Nererball and Neverputt : Yep, silly games, but still strangely fun! Check them out and waste some time!
  9. Tribal Trouble : Rather silly, but lots of fun for a RTS game. Help the vikings, or the natives kick the others off the island. Each level goes fairly quick, so a good way to kill a bit of time.
  10. Garage Games : Can’t name just one. They have a lot of cute little games that are addictive and fun. I get a lot of fun out of the Bridge Construction Set. All of them are a good way to kill a few minutes though, and to each their own! And these guys support Linux, so take the time to go buy a game and support them right back!
  11. Uplink : Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a hacker? Well, here is a fun game to allow you to be one! You get to hack into major corps networks, but don’t get caught!

So here are a bunch of little games that I either find fun now, or have found fun in the past. All of them are a good time! I recommend any, or all of them! Enjoy!

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