FPS Games in Linux.

Ok, so I have covered a lot of other game and game types for Linux. Now it is time to cover the FPS types. And there are several, of all types!

  1. Unreal Games – There are several versions available on Linux. They are all very good games! Some of the Best.
  2. Tremulous – A nice Aliens & Humans FPS/RTS Game. Nice graphics, and decent game play.
  3. Cube Games – There are several good Games built on this Engine, including a RPG.
  4. ID Software Games – These guys are old school Linux Guys. They been supporting Linux Longer then most people were aware of Linux. If you look around, you can find many of their Doom and Quake offerings, as well as Enemy Territory stuff available for Linux! Many of them free. There are also many mod sites for their stuff on the net.
  5. Postal 2 – A weird Game. Be careful of the website, it has slightly adult content. But so does the game. If you are looking for a shootem up kill fest, this game is for you!
  6. Dark Horizons : Lore – Load into a Mech and go kill the enemy. This is an interesting FPS taking place in large robots.
  7. Nexuiz – is a 3d deathmatch game project. Has pretty graphics, and runs on any platform. Looks nice, plays well, probably cause it is also based originally off the Quake Engines.
  8. Warsow -is a fast paced first person shooter with graphics based on the ideology of cyberpunk which is achieved by cartoon-like graphics coupled with cel-shading as well as mixing dark, flashy and dirty textures. It was originally started off a project created on the Quake II Engine.

Linux Gamers Game Faq is a nice resource for figuring how a lot of different problems with Games.