Busy, busy.

Ok, so the last few days I have been pretty busy.  I have been setting up a nice website for a retirement Community locally. They are great folks, and they had been getting suckered in for the last few years for $50 per month or so for a website listing on a site I won’t name.  Kinda silly.  So we got them a 2 year subscription for a host for $120 and I setup Open Realty so they could list their houses and such on their website as well as advertise in general, get onto Google and other search engines and host their own email and such.

Total it will cost them about what they had paid for a year at the other place, and I showed them how to change it to their hearts content, and replaced their Modem, installed a UPS and a new mouse for them while I was at it. They were thrilled! It is a pretty nice site, I have had a great time tweaking it out.  Time wise, I probably spent more time then what I charged for, but it was a lot of fun to do it. The colors and everything are theirs, but I tried to fancy it up a bit!