Had to buy a new TV.

So our old TV must have taken one to many brown outs.  It had about 3-5 inches of white lines showing across the top blotting out most of the upper portion of the picture.  Was really annoying.  So we finally got sick of it and went out and bought a new one. It is a nice TV. 🙂  My first new one of my adult life.  Always bought used TV’s in the past.  Figured if it worked, who cared?

I wanted to get a TV that would be good for the 2009 standards.(They do have a popup at the link). Since that is coming up pretty quick, it only made sense.. But we did have to spend more then I would have liked on a freaking TV.. Of course, I guess it will make a really nice monitor if it does not work out as a TV.

Tomorrow, we will be buying a nice UPS system for the Stereo/TV setup. Maybe this one will last a bit.. The last one did last us like 5 years.and my grandparents about 4 years I think… and our TV before that was a used one that we got from Rent a Center for like $125.  Good deal.. and it lasted like 8 years or so..

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