Democratic Congress a Failure?

Ok, so I have been reading stories about Bush and the Democratic Congress being failures. I have to disagree!  I mean, they are not fixing everything, but with the slim majority they have, they would not be able to.  Democrats are not great either, I mean, I do not trust anyone who goes into Politics for a living, but at least with the Democrats in control of congress, it has pulled some of the stupidity that was going on to a minimum.

In my opinion, the Republican controlled government has set us back about 20 years or so with our foreign policy.  In this day and age, we can not afford to run around the world with a Cowboy attitude dividing the good and evil into black and white groups.  There is a lot more gray in the world then what some people might like to think, including our president.  Running in and sticking our nose into things all over the world is scary. What gives us the right?

Shouldn’t we just work with the United Nations to fix these things? I mean seriously?  Us running around and attacking Middle Eastern Countries is like New Hampshire attacking Florida for something and not just dealing with the Federal Government to get it fixed.  In this Global age, we need to work as a world, rather then trying to dictate everything.  Why should anyone else work within the system if the most powerful nation in the world is not willing to?  Doesn’t not working within the system just make us the big bully of the playground?

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