Linux From Scratch (LFS)

So I have been looking around at all the distros recently, and can not pick which one I would like next.  So I got to looking around, and remembered a project I had sort of looked at doing once long ago. I never got around to it, but decided this time I would.  So I will be working on setting up Linux From Scratch. It should be fun!  🙂

It is kind of cool. You start with a very base system they provide on CD, and format a drive, and start building your system on it using the base system as the tools to do it.  I am hoping I can build a decent system that will be fairly usable, and maybe I can even create a livecd that I can use to install it on my system in the future.  We will see how it goes.

I am really looking forward to this.  I have always thought something like this would really improve my knowledge of Linux.  Hopefully it will! We will see! Wish me luck.