Bah! Simcity 3000 for Linux broke in Debian.

 I recently tried to install Simcity 3000 on Debian Etch, and got an error as I was trying to patch it.. Kinda a bummer. No joy so far on finding answers, will have to keep messing with it, but if anyone figures it out, leave me a comment. I am getting the following error when attempting to apply the patch :

Verifying archive integrity…tail: Warning: “+number” syntax is deprecated, please use “-n +number”
Uncompressing SimCity 3000 Unlimited 2.0a Updatetrap: usage: trap [-lp] [arg signal_spec …]

Then just stops. Never appears to apply the patch. Still does not run with any of the tricks I detailed in one of my original posts on the blog. 🙁

Cleaning House..

So I went for the walk this morning, and saw only 3 chickens.. All out front of the park. The cool part is, the goats are back on Coastal Plains. I then come home to see Bleys had fixed pancakes for breakfast. 🙂 Was nice! I then took a shower and ran Bleys down to get his permit, only to discover Florida requires you to take their 4 hour drug and alcohol course before you can get your permit. The nice part is he can do it online, the bad part is, we have to run back after he takes the course to get his permit. 🙁

I spent the rest of the day cleaning our bathroom and in general cleaning up the house. Bleys swept and mopped yesterday in the kitchen and entry, we will have to go over it again tomorrow to make sure it is clean when Emmy gets home. 🙂 I always like coming home to a nice clean house, so I try to give the Love of my life the same. 🙂 I think I am gonna try to head to bed a bit early tonight, my head is throbbing. I saw a cool thing today I am considering trying to talk Emmy into..I dunno. We will see what she thinks.

I love you Emmy, and I miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOooooooooooooooo much. I can not wait to pick you up tomorrow at 8pm.

Stupid Florida Democrats!

Ok, so I was talking to Emmy, and we got to talking about why Florida democrats are being stupid and pushing for a Jan. 29th Primary when everyone in the national democrat party is basically telling them,”NO, If you do that, we will basically ignore all of your voters!” So, I went looking around, and not only are they stupid enough to “stand firm” on their stupid choice, but they are putting up websites that really do not answer the question of why.

I do not understand, and I wrote telling them that I will not be voting for any State democrats because of their stupid choice.  It is tough, because I do not really like the democrats on a state level, but I do not like the republicans on any of their stances on foreign affairs.  I sure do not agree with them on their views on taking money from our public schools by allowing vouchers to be given to religious schools.  Like our public schools are not in enough trouble. Ah well, anyways, that is what I get for being a Centrist.  I realize they all suck, because they take firm stances on things that I do not care about, and are avoiding the things I do care about.

The walk..

So I just got back from the walk.  Seen a Coral snake, and some of the chickens.  Then of course lots of squirrels and birds of different sorts.  It also appears they got a bunch of track down for the stupid train. It actually crosses the path now at the crossing closest to cold corner. 🙁  What a way to destroy a nice nature park. Try to turn it into some sort of freaky amusement park. Well, just thought I would post about the coral snake for Emmy.  Love ya!

Dinner and MMA

So we ended up doing Outback for dinner. My Mom discovered a gift card she has had for a year or more, so decided we would use it up. Dinner was pretty good. I got a ribs and chicken thing. Ate only the chicken and fries, saved the ribs for todays lunch. Come home and read the MMA Weekly Live Results. Was a surprising night in MMA. I figured I would post the results here for Emmy, at least for the fights she would be interested in.. I will hide them on the next page. 🙂

I did want to comment how nice all of you looked in that picture you posted Emmy! Very nice! Very nice looking family!

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Wild morning…

Ok, not so much wild, as lots of “wild” animals in the park.  Saw 4 rabbits, 5 cranes.. The second couple would not actually come over to where I feed them, but was over by the tower.  I also saw all 5 chickens, plenty of squirrels and cardinals.  Great morning!  I love seeing all the wild life.  And it sure beats the wild dogs Emmy is carrying a stick to fend off.

So I realized yesterday I did not say how I installed Debian.  I used their net install disk and downloaded the majority of my setup from the net.  I picked a server that is fairly close to me and got great speed.  Did not take very long at all.  I just wish they gave the option(maybe they do, but it was not obvious) to pick and choose my packages more.  I basically had like 5 options to choose from, and it installed the “standard” packages for what you wanted to do.  Kinda cool, but kinda a bummer too.  Some of us like to shave off what we do not need or want on an install.  Like I said though, who knows, they may have the option somewhere that I missed, although, if they do, it was not obvious.

So the net stuff turned out to be no problem with Gnome.  I figured it out, and you can book mark stuff and everything.  Pretty cool.  My major obstacle has really been trying to figure out which applications I should use to do what, as it is different in KDE.  Not a big problem, just minor annoyances for the most part.  For example, I have to use Firestarter instead of Guarddog for my Firewall program.  Has a different interface, and I am still not sure what I think of it, but it has the monitoring of the firewall built right in also, which is pretty cool.

I have been learning more and more about the Gnome equivalent of Konq.  It is called Nautilus. It seems rock solid.  I been having fun setting background and panels up with nifty neato tiles.  I used my grey brick and white brick tiles, and I think it looks pretty solid. 😛  Runs solid too!  I am becoming more and more impressed.  I will continue to play with this and when Emmy gets back, if I am still impressed, I maybe trying to talk her into switching over to Debian also.  One of the cool things about that is, it would allow her to use CNR again eventually. Not that I think she needs it at this point, but I think she might like options. 🙂

So I had Pidgin IM on last night as I compiled it and am running it on here.  If I was willing to run Debian Lenny instead(the testing branch of Debian) I could have just installed it with apt-get, but since I wanted to test the stable etch out first, only Gaim was available.  Since I have had several family members start using Myspace IM, I figured I would installed pidgin, which gives me access to that, as well as my normal ICQ and Aim lists.  Much easier to keep everything in one place.  Anyways, my Mom happened to message me last night and ask what we were all to.  I told her that me and Bleys were just watching some TV, and I had no idea about Emmy as she was in Tucson.  Hehe, kinda surprised her.  Anyways, after she got over the surprise, she suggested we go out to dinner tonight.  She wants to go out for Mexican, which I have been very under whelmed with in Florida.  I sure envy Emmy and her trip to Carolinas in Phoenix.  Hope it was good Emmy!  No clue what we will be having as I kinda told my Mom I had mostly been disappointed with the Mexican here.  We will see though.

As I had planned on fixing Japanese at home tonight, I pretty much figure the food has to be better to lure me out, ya know?   Ah well, we will see what happens.  Love you Emmy!  Tell everyone out there I said hi, and sorry I could not come.  And give your brother and Jeannie congrats from me.

Posting from Debian Etch.

So today I decided I would get Debian all set up. I think I finally got it tweaked out pretty good. Got all the eye candy I could want, got the decorations I want, got the sound and 3D Video working, and I have the themes I want. I now have pretty much everything I could want on my desktop. And nothing I don’t. Even got the Garbage on a tool bar. The scary thing is, I think I am actually starting to like Gnome. Heh. Here is a shot of my new Debian Desktop. Not bad if I do say so myself.

My new Desktop

I am sure I will end up tweaking more, but so far, I am actually enjoying it. This is the first time I have really taken the time to try and figure Gnome out a bit. I have used KDE for years. In fact, any time I had the choice, I have always chosen KDE.. Mostly because I am addicted to the functionality of Konq. I am sure as I try to do more with Online stuff, and start missing Konq, I will have moments where I feel differently about it, but so far, I love it!


So this morning I did the morning walk with just Sadie.. Bleys went yesterday.  I have seen all 4 chickens out front both days.. And the 1 poor lonely chicken in the park.  Yesterday the family of 3 Cranes were there, today the couple were there.  I have seen multiple bunnies both days.  It is nice starting the day seeing a bit of wildlife and such.  I really enjoy it.

Last night I stayed plenty warm.  I used one of the quilts my Grandma gave us.  Read until about 1am and then crashed. I been getting up about 7am to 7:30am, just like usual.  I keep waking up on Emmy’s side of the bed for some reason.. It is kinda funny.  We always joke about her being a speed bump to keep me from falling off her side of the bed, and it is not far off. 🙂  I will have to run to the store today.. Need half and half and such.  Although, Emmy will be happy to know, both Bleys and I had her breakfast stuff this morning on toast.  Was not my norm, but was not bad.

I spent most of today installing Debian Linux and getting it setup to my liking(although I did take time out to brush Stripe when he asked.).  Gnome is the hardest part for me, but I think I got it mostly figured out and setup so I can stand it.  We will see how it goes.. The hardest part for me I guess is the lack of Konq.. I am spoiled by being able to fish or ftp to websites to work on them and transfer files.  Need to spend more time figuring out Gnome and we will see…

Well, time to run to the store.
Love you Emmy! Miss you lots!


So I discovered that with Emmy not here, I am actually going to need a blanket on my bed. We usually just have the sheet on the bed, except in the Winter. However, last night, if one of the pets were not with me, it was down right chilly. Kept telling Emmy she was a hot blond. 🙂

We ended up having reubens last night for dinner. They were good, but I missed having a knowledgeable person working with me on the dinner. Who knew that dinner was a team sport huh? 🙂 It really is around here though. I am completely spoiled.  She will be back soon enough I guess, but it reinforces what I already knew. Emmy is my life partner. The first real partner I ever had in life.

Tonight Bleys and I had steak and baked potatoes with mushrooms done on the grill. Good dinner. 🙂 Tomorrow we will finish the salad that was left over. Will be a nice dinner to break up the meat, meat, and more meat dinners I tend to plan. 🙂 Ran out of Half & Half for coffee, so have to run to the store in the next few days. I am thinking we will go get Bleys’ permit on Monday. The weather here has been crappy since Emmy left. It really is reflecting my feelings of being without Emmy.

Emmy finally got enough time to post a blog! It was nice to here from her! Sounds like they got her on a schedule already. Has to be weird for her. Not like we are on a real schedule very often. Well, I am gonna go watch some TV. Love you Emmy.. See ya everyone else |*

Emmy gone for a week

So I dropped Emmy off at the airport this morning. She had to go out to Tucson for her brothers wedding. Congrats Greg! I am sure she will have a lot of fun with her family, but I will miss her. 🙁 We decided that we would communicate somewhat via our blogs.

Originally, I had planned on going with her, but with Bleys here, we could not exactly leave him here at our house in the boonies with no transportation, and he does not have his license yet so we could not have even just left the car for him, in fact we would have to pay for parking at the airport. Plus, Sadie is spoiled and is used to a walk every day, so we would have had to put her up at doggy jail if I had gone, cause leaving her here with Bleys unable to take her on her walk would never work at all. She would have drove him crazy. So the price of going would have skyrocket if I had gone. I am a bit bummed, cause I really enjoy seeing her family and getting to know them a bit better every time.

Ah well. That is just how things work out sometimes I guess. Bleys and I came back from the airport and went right to the gas station and Publix our closest Supermarket to do our shopping for the week. We got some steaks, apples, stuff for Reubens, turkey for sandwiches, skirt steak and zucchini and mushrooms for Japanese. Hopefully that will hold us over for a while. 🙂

Will be weird without Emmy here. I usually only cook half a meal, and Emmy just makes the other half happen. So I know how to do half of any meal we usually make. Just steaks with nothing else would not be very good.. Or Marsala spiced steaks with no marsala sauce would be kinda wrong, specially with no veggies. Although, I usually do put on the pirogies we have with the marsala, so I guess we would have most of a meal.. Just the pirogies would be burnt, cause I usually put them on and she flips them well I finish up the steaks on the grill. Will see how it works out.. I know I will miss her lots.

Gas was 2.78 per gallon on our road, but 2.66 at the gas station near Publix we always goto. So I of course filled up there. Amazing what a difference 3-5 miles can make on the price of gas. Not a surprise the way they set up the pricing scheme, just amazing to me sometimes. I will be curious how much gas is going for in Tucson. It has been a dreary overcast day here. All day. How fitting for the day Emmy leaves.. I expect Tuesday to be a wonderful sunny day if the weather continues to reflect my moods. 🙂

This next part is just for Emmy. 🙂

Well, I hope you have a good time, and enjoy the blog entry Emmy! Love ya lots! |*