LFS on hold for a bit.

So I had started the Linux from Scratch, got my drive partitioned, and formatted, and some of the basic directory structure in place. Not a bad start.. Not great. Then I ended up going back over to my previous project to help them get pictures up on the website. It is looking nice. While I was there, I met my sons Great, Great Aunt on his Mothers Side of the family.

I was talking to the manager at Shadow Wood, and in walked one of the residents. She found out I was the computer guy and asked if I could take a look at her email not working. I said, “Sure! Why not?” So I went over to help her real quick. Did not take long, but in so doing, I discovered her maiden name was the same as my ex-wifes. I asked her about it, and we finally tracked down who was related to who and how. Was an unusual day.

Now I got a call to do a golf cart website. I am enjoying doing these websites. It is a lot of fun. However, because of the new project doing the golf cart site, I am going to have to put off the LFS setup for a few days, at least until I get the golf cart thing done. Like I said, the golf cart project should be fun though, and it is worth a bit of money, and it is always nice to have another customer. 🙂 The Golf Cart Business is actually a relation of the managers of Shadow Wood Village, so I guess they liked what I put together for them.

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