What happened to the gas mileage on new cars?!?

Ok, so Emmy and I are getting to where we will be needing a new car eventually.  We know it, but we been putting it off.  Well, that does not stop me from researching the cars to get.  I had been looking at the Scion cars. I kinda liked the XA. XB was a bit boxy, but has some room to it, so was kinda looking at that even.  Well, the XA has been dropped, and they have redone it as the XD.  Well, when I first started looking at it, I was seeing the new MPG stuff. And the new ratings make the Scions look like crap for MPG.  Of course, now that I have a better idea of what they did to change the ratings, I feel better.. Well, sort of.  Heh.

I first read this article. Which lead me to the first one I linked to about the change of ratings.  Seems that since the 80’s, we have been being lied to.  While, not exactly, they were just doing the tests in ideal conditions, rather then in real world conditions.  Now I am searching through the 2008 ratings and other things to find a car that is really good on gas mileage, and a nice usable shape.  I like something with a hatch back, but I really like 4 doors.  So I been looking at all sorts of things to compare cars.  There are a lot of great resources out there for research.  It does help a lot when you do some research in advance!  I highly recommend Consumer Reports and the Fueleconomy.gov sites for a lot of looking around!  They are helping me a lot!  Good luck!