Emmy gone for a week

So I dropped Emmy off at the airport this morning. She had to go out to Tucson for her brothers wedding. Congrats Greg! I am sure she will have a lot of fun with her family, but I will miss her. 🙁 We decided that we would communicate somewhat via our blogs.

Originally, I had planned on going with her, but with Bleys here, we could not exactly leave him here at our house in the boonies with no transportation, and he does not have his license yet so we could not have even just left the car for him, in fact we would have to pay for parking at the airport. Plus, Sadie is spoiled and is used to a walk every day, so we would have had to put her up at doggy jail if I had gone, cause leaving her here with Bleys unable to take her on her walk would never work at all. She would have drove him crazy. So the price of going would have skyrocket if I had gone. I am a bit bummed, cause I really enjoy seeing her family and getting to know them a bit better every time.

Ah well. That is just how things work out sometimes I guess. Bleys and I came back from the airport and went right to the gas station and Publix our closest Supermarket to do our shopping for the week. We got some steaks, apples, stuff for Reubens, turkey for sandwiches, skirt steak and zucchini and mushrooms for Japanese. Hopefully that will hold us over for a while. 🙂

Will be weird without Emmy here. I usually only cook half a meal, and Emmy just makes the other half happen. So I know how to do half of any meal we usually make. Just steaks with nothing else would not be very good.. Or Marsala spiced steaks with no marsala sauce would be kinda wrong, specially with no veggies. Although, I usually do put on the pirogies we have with the marsala, so I guess we would have most of a meal.. Just the pirogies would be burnt, cause I usually put them on and she flips them well I finish up the steaks on the grill. Will see how it works out.. I know I will miss her lots.

Gas was 2.78 per gallon on our road, but 2.66 at the gas station near Publix we always goto. So I of course filled up there. Amazing what a difference 3-5 miles can make on the price of gas. Not a surprise the way they set up the pricing scheme, just amazing to me sometimes. I will be curious how much gas is going for in Tucson. It has been a dreary overcast day here. All day. How fitting for the day Emmy leaves.. I expect Tuesday to be a wonderful sunny day if the weather continues to reflect my moods. 🙂

This next part is just for Emmy. 🙂

Well, I hope you have a good time, and enjoy the blog entry Emmy! Love ya lots! |*