So I discovered that with Emmy not here, I am actually going to need a blanket on my bed. We usually just have the sheet on the bed, except in the Winter. However, last night, if one of the pets were not with me, it was down right chilly. Kept telling Emmy she was a hot blond. 🙂

We ended up having reubens last night for dinner. They were good, but I missed having a knowledgeable person working with me on the dinner. Who knew that dinner was a team sport huh? 🙂 It really is around here though. I am completely spoiled.  She will be back soon enough I guess, but it reinforces what I already knew. Emmy is my life partner. The first real partner I ever had in life.

Tonight Bleys and I had steak and baked potatoes with mushrooms done on the grill. Good dinner. 🙂 Tomorrow we will finish the salad that was left over. Will be a nice dinner to break up the meat, meat, and more meat dinners I tend to plan. 🙂 Ran out of Half & Half for coffee, so have to run to the store in the next few days. I am thinking we will go get Bleys’ permit on Monday. The weather here has been crappy since Emmy left. It really is reflecting my feelings of being without Emmy.

Emmy finally got enough time to post a blog! It was nice to here from her! Sounds like they got her on a schedule already. Has to be weird for her. Not like we are on a real schedule very often. Well, I am gonna go watch some TV. Love you Emmy.. See ya everyone else |*

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