Posting from Debian Etch.

So today I decided I would get Debian all set up. I think I finally got it tweaked out pretty good. Got all the eye candy I could want, got the decorations I want, got the sound and 3D Video working, and I have the themes I want. I now have pretty much everything I could want on my desktop. And nothing I don’t. Even got the Garbage on a tool bar. The scary thing is, I think I am actually starting to like Gnome. Heh. Here is a shot of my new Debian Desktop. Not bad if I do say so myself.

My new Desktop

I am sure I will end up tweaking more, but so far, I am actually enjoying it. This is the first time I have really taken the time to try and figure Gnome out a bit. I have used KDE for years. In fact, any time I had the choice, I have always chosen KDE.. Mostly because I am addicted to the functionality of Konq. I am sure as I try to do more with Online stuff, and start missing Konq, I will have moments where I feel differently about it, but so far, I love it!


So this morning I did the morning walk with just Sadie.. Bleys went yesterday.  I have seen all 4 chickens out front both days.. And the 1 poor lonely chicken in the park.  Yesterday the family of 3 Cranes were there, today the couple were there.  I have seen multiple bunnies both days.  It is nice starting the day seeing a bit of wildlife and such.  I really enjoy it.

Last night I stayed plenty warm.  I used one of the quilts my Grandma gave us.  Read until about 1am and then crashed. I been getting up about 7am to 7:30am, just like usual.  I keep waking up on Emmy’s side of the bed for some reason.. It is kinda funny.  We always joke about her being a speed bump to keep me from falling off her side of the bed, and it is not far off. 🙂  I will have to run to the store today.. Need half and half and such.  Although, Emmy will be happy to know, both Bleys and I had her breakfast stuff this morning on toast.  Was not my norm, but was not bad.

I spent most of today installing Debian Linux and getting it setup to my liking(although I did take time out to brush Stripe when he asked.).  Gnome is the hardest part for me, but I think I got it mostly figured out and setup so I can stand it.  We will see how it goes.. The hardest part for me I guess is the lack of Konq.. I am spoiled by being able to fish or ftp to websites to work on them and transfer files.  Need to spend more time figuring out Gnome and we will see…

Well, time to run to the store.
Love you Emmy! Miss you lots!