Stupid Florida Democrats!

Ok, so I was talking to Emmy, and we got to talking about why Florida democrats are being stupid and pushing for a Jan. 29th Primary when everyone in the national democrat party is basically telling them,”NO, If you do that, we will basically ignore all of your voters!” So, I went looking around, and not only are they stupid enough to “stand firm” on their stupid choice, but they are putting up websites that really do not answer the question of why.

I do not understand, and I wrote telling them that I will not be voting for any State democrats because of their stupid choice.  It is tough, because I do not really like the democrats on a state level, but I do not like the republicans on any of their stances on foreign affairs.  I sure do not agree with them on their views on taking money from our public schools by allowing vouchers to be given to religious schools.  Like our public schools are not in enough trouble. Ah well, anyways, that is what I get for being a Centrist.  I realize they all suck, because they take firm stances on things that I do not care about, and are avoiding the things I do care about.

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