Converting people to Linux..

So the last few days I have been very busy. I have been reinstalling Windows on my mother system as it was getting pretty loaded down with spyware old programs she does not use etc. She uses Spybot, but does not really run it often enough. Not a big deal, probably a good idea to start clean every couple years.. Really speeds up the system in my opinion. Every time you install a program, it dumps junk in the registry, and that all gets loaded into the system every time you run Windows. Some programs do not do a good job of removing themselves from the registry either.

So I did her system, then her boyfriend, a real nice guy named Terry, asked me about a week ago if I could help him find a decent laptop for cheap. So I look around, and found a nice deal on It was a refurb, but perfect for a beginner who has no interest in the higher end games. The first thing I asked him is if he would mind me putting Linux on there so we did not have to worry about spyware, virus’ etc. He thought that was a great idea.. Then he talked to some guy at work, who said,”But Linux is a lot harder then Windows!” He asked me about it, and I assured him that once it is running, which I would make sure it was for him, it would be as easy to learn as Windows for a first operating system. It is only harder for Windows users because they have to learn something new. He is now happily running Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy.

I was really impressed with this newest release of Ubuntu. I have not liked it in the past, but boy, they have done some cool things with it. It went on his new laptop as slick as can be. I had to connect it to the network through a wire just long enough to install the wireless drivers, after that, I unplugged, tweaked everything out, and it was working great! I spent a little while trying to make sure he has all the basics he needs on his system.. We set him up with a Gmail account and an Igoogle homepage and all the rest, and it worked great! 🙂 We even set him up with Pidgin IM with the whole family added to the list. I did forget to make it autostart, which I will have to take care of, but hopefully he will find it if he wants it. 🙂 If not, he seems like a patient guy, so it should not be a big deal. 🙂

So then I took his laptop and my mothers computer back over to them, and my brother Steve asked if I would change his system over to Ubuntu also, as he liked the way it looked and acted.  I said sure, but it would take a couple of days.  Well, he ended up watching over my shoulder for the entire time, so his system did not really get tweaked out as much as Terry’s.  I feel bad, but I hate having someone watching over my shoulder all the time.  It really would not have taken 2 days, but he wanted games running on a laptop, and Yahoo Mail with a notifier, and an Epson Stylus Printer/Scanner working, and a Creative Labs Media Player and a Digital Camera all working, and basically, as I attached everything, I then had to show him how to use it, which really took more time.  Not his fault, he was curious, but still, it is a bit frustrating for me.  Left alone, I probably could have gotten it done in a day and had it nicely laid out.  Now, I will probably end up either showing him how to do some of the things I normally would have just done later, or do them at some point when he is over with his laptop.  We will see which.  Either way, it was cool to see 2 newbies added to the Linux ranks.

How does spending billions on a war in another country….

Ok, so I hear the term “Conservative” all the time. I am lost trying to figure out how Bush could ever be considered Conservative though? He has spent Billions and Billions of our money on fighting a war in multiple countries. Wars that he was told there was no reason to start. He had to do it though, and I am sure at least part of the reason is, War time Presidents have more power. Sadly, this has done a lot to destroy world opinion of America. 🙁 How is that Conservative?

After doing some research, that is average for the last 75 years or so though. Republican presidents always let government spending and borrowing go out of control. Think it is only people on the left who think Bush is out of control? Of course, all the right wing seem to be blind to the reality of our National debt being out of control. Looking around at all the info on the national debt, it becomes obvious that had Clinton not worked so hard to lower the debt, we would now be completely sunk. So again I ask, how does this qualify him to be “Conservative”??? I do not understand.

Just to let everyone know, I do understand that when they say “Conservative”, they mean Socially Conservative. Which refers to their moral stance. Which is fine. I really do not agree with most of that, specially as I am still not married, but have been with the same women for 14 years. The best part? My now Republican Ex was cheating on me.. which is what caused our divorce. How does that work? How stupid.. Hypocrites! Boy that annoys me. Anyways…

The other problem I have with the Republicans is their pro Big Business attitude. They keep cutting the legs out from under the small businesses in the US, which is what this country was built on, and lowering the taxes on big business. How does this help us? This gives more and more power to the big companies with their lobbyists. That really ticks me off, cause it is a snowball effect. It will just get worse and worse. It really frustrates me when I have friends who are not making much money, but they are voting Republican because “Republicans are Conservative.” Great! So give your freedoms away to a corporately elected government. At least the Democrats try to help the people(Childrens insurance, welfare, other such programs.), and in recent history have tremendously lowered the national debt. Pretty impressive! Help the citizens of our country and spend less money then the Republicans?

S o that is it.. I am sure I will be voting Democrat once again.. Just for these reasons.. Not that I particularly feel the Democrats do that much better a job, but at least they are trying to help the citizens of out country, and not people in other countries who feel we are just putting our nose where it doesn’t belong.. and leaving us with a huge debt to repay.. The whole time, watching Social Security, which many older Americans count on, die. Personally, it bothers me that Bush is willing to throw 300Billion+ toward a war in a country that seems to be very unhappy about us being there, but not help our seniors be taken care of in their old age. 🙁 If this is Conservative morality, I will stick to Centrist with a left lean thanks.

UFC 77 (Results —Spoilers)

Rich Franklin Vs. Anderson Silva – Anderson again totally dominated Rich. It was sad to see. Rich was looking at the clock half way through the first round hoping for the end of the round. Dude, for someone who trains like someone possessed. take your eyes off the clock and keep your eyes on Andersons hands that keep clenching behind your head. I love Rich. He is a great fighter most of the time, but as I said before, he just does not have the tools in his toolbox currently to fix the problem that is Anderson Silva.

Tim Sylvia Vs. Brandon Vera – I was hoping for Brandon Vera to win this. I think he would have stood a better chance had he not broke his hand in the first. After that he mostly just held on to Tim as Tim laid on him up against the cage. That is why I do not like Tim! I like most every Miletich fighter, but Tim is just so boring to watch. He laid on Brandon for 3 rounds. Come on dude, if you are so big and bad, push him back and bang him out. Don’t lay on him for 3 rounds and wear him out then hit him a few times. No wonder everyone boos you.

Alvin Robinson Vs. Jorge Gurgel – This went as I expected, I keep trying to like Jorge, but he keeps doing stupid stuff. In this case, he spent most of a round on his back getting punched in the face as he tried for an arm bar from the bottom.. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

Eric Schafer Vs. Stephan Bonnar – Stephan Bonner won, as I expected. Was not a submission, but was a great fight. Stephan got him down and pounded him out. Was good stuff.

Alan Belcher Vs. Kalib Starnes – Alan Belcher took this one. He opened a gap in Starnes head big enough and deep enough to see skull. Ref stoppage. Was an exciting fight..

It was a good show! I am very glad we spent the money to get the UFC fight pack! Awesome stuff! Still looking for some laid back people to come watch the next 2 shows with us in November and December if anyone in Spring Hill, Florida is interested. 🙂

UFC 77

Cheer! I am so looking forward to the UFC 77 event tonight. We got the 3 package deal, so it will be entertaining for the next 3 months. Which is awesome! 🙂 Emmy and I talked about it, and there were a lot of good fights coming up with fighters we know and like, so why not. We ordered it! I am looking forward to Brandon Vera being back in the cage, and looking forward to seeing what Rich Franklin does to try and combat the tie clinch that Anderson Silva destroyed him with the first time. As Rich is mostly a striker, I do not see what he can bring to the Cage to take down Anderson. I wish him luck though, and hope they put on a heck of a show!

As this will be the first big test of Brandon Vera, I have no idea which way this one will go. He is facing Tim Sylvia. Tim is 6’8″ and pretty good, if a bit heavy on his feet. Tim also outweighs Brandon by about 40lbs. It should be a good fight though. Every fight I have seen of Brandon Vera’s has been very exciting. I was amazed at how fast Brandon took out former champ Frank Mir, although Mir has not been the same since his Motorcycle accident, it was still pretty amazing. I wish all the fighters good luck though, and hope they all put on a heck of a show!
What fight are you most looking forward to and why?
I am looking forward to seeing Brandon Vera return and finally facing a rated opponent.

What fight do you care for the least on the card?
Alvin Robinson Vs. Jorge Gurgel
Is the least interesting to me.  I have wanted to like Jorge, but most of his fights have not been that exciting.  He just does not appear to come out and give it his all.. Maybe it is his injuries that he has been plagued with in the past..Hopefully it will be different with the home town crowd.. We will see.

Who do you think will get the fight of the night?
Eric Schafer Vs. Stephan Bonnar
I think this one has a lot of potential for fight of the night.  Stephan is really glad to be back in the spot light, so will be looking to put on a good show. After Eric’s loss to Bisping, he is looking to get back in the win column, so it should be a battle.

Which fight do you think will be the knock out of the night?
Rich Franklin Vs. Anderson Silva Rich
I expect Anderson to knock Rich out pretty quick, or if Rich can survive, he may get a lucky punch out there.  They both have the power, so if Rich survives a while, it gives him a punchers chance.  Either way, I expect a knock out.

Submission of the Night?
I expect Stephan or Jorge to get it.  We will see though.

Ubuntu 7.10

It is nice.  It is clean, it is polished.  It has a tool to help install proprietary drivers like the Nvidia driver.  They have done a lot to make it so people can be up and running in minutes.  It is still very brown and earthy.  I like earthy normally, but Ubuntu is just not my cup of tea.  I keep trying to like it, but there is just something about it.  Maybe it is the security setup where you have to sudo everything?  I dunno.  I could fix that I suppose and see.  So far though, I have not been able to stay with Ubuntu long enough to get around to fixing it.

I have tried Ubuntu lots of times, but there is something about it that just does not work for me.  For years I thought it was Gnome. Then I installed Debian and actually tried working with Gnome, and loved it.  So I guess it is not Gnome.  Now I have no idea what the problem is. Maybe it is the whole package.  The brown, the way they have the menu’s the security.  I dunno.  If anyone else has a similar problem, let me know.  In the meantime, I guess I will stay with Debian.  In fact, I am thinking about installing Debian Lenny to play with.  I am sure I will report on it here when I do.

The next Star Trek Movie.

So I was reading news recently, and discovered the new Star Trek is in preproduction. Nifty! I haven’t seen one of those in ages. Then I got to reading to see who was playing who.


Captain Kirk – Chris Pine

Older Mr Spock – Leonard Nimoy

Young Mr Spock – Zachary Quinto

Scotty – Simon Pegg

Nero – Eric Bana

Uhura – Zoe Saldana

Chekov – Anton Yelchin

Sulu – John Cho

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy – Karl Urban

Installing the newest Nvidia drivers on Debian Etch.

If you want to install the newest Nvidia Drivers from Nvidia on Debian Etch, be sure you follow these basic things:

  • the linux-headers package matching the installed Linux kernel is installed
  • the pkg-config and xserver-xorg-dev packages are installed
  • the nvidia-glx package has been uninstalled with the –purge option and the files /etc/init.d/nvidia-glx and /etc/init.d/nvidia-kernel do not exist

If you meet all of these things with a basic Desktop install of Debian Etch, you should not have any problem installing the newest 100.14.19 Nvidia Drivers! Good luck!

Now what? :)

Ok, so now I am kinda at a loss for what to do with my spare time.  I have been spending every last extra minute I had researching what car to get for the last month or more.  Now we got our car, we love it, and I am at a loss what to do.  We should be getting a cruise control installed before the end of the week, so that will be nice to help prevent tickets. The Suncoast Highway is way to easy to get moving 80 in a 70 zone or 75 in a 60 zone.  Just keeping up with the speed of traffic.  I got stopped once on there, and they just gave me a warning as I had never had a ticket before, which was nice, even if the officer was otherwise kind of a rude jerk. I do not wanna even get stopped by them again, so the cruise control should help.

Emmy seems to love the car also, which is cool!  We have all the room we could ever want, and then some.  Plenty of head room, plenty of leg room, it is great! If anyone is thinking about getting a new car, I would highly recommend the Matrix over the Honda Fit, the Scion XD, or XB for that matter, the Aveo 5, or the Kia Rio 5.  I can save you a month worth of homework.  The Honda is a nice car, but they are basically price fixing it by not making it available.  The Scion is sold on Pure price, which means you can not haggle with them at all, and unless you are in the 20 something crowd, you could probably care less about having a “hip” car that you can add like 200 and some accessories to.  They are both decent cars though.  For the family that wants affordable, with space to do what they need to do, I highly recommend that Matrix.  Beats the crap our of Gas mileage on most Suv’s, and has a very nice price tag.  If you are in the Pasco County Florida area, I highly recommend Sun Toyota!

Pictures of the new car!

Here are a couple of shots of our new car. It is basically a small utility wagon.  Sort of like a SUV with good gas mileage. It is awesome.  Has plenty of get up and go so far. Of course, we have only had it for a day, but so far we really like it!  And we got an awesome price!

Here is a shot from the front drivers side:


and here is a shot from the back passengers side:


It is awesome!  We are thrilled!