Woo! Got Simcity 3000 working!

I finally got Simcity 3000 for Linux working in Debian Etch! Woo! I also got the movies working in Never Winter Nights! I am thrilled! I finally stumbled upon a useful page! He shows how to get most games from Loki running.. The thing is, it was not complete. I still got another error. However, from there, I was able to discover a bit about Ubuntu with Simcity 3000. It seems the first thing I was missing that helped a lot was:

./sc3u-2.0a-x86.run –keep –target SC3Ufiles

This creates a directory called SC3Ufiles underneath the directory for Simcity. You then do an ./update.sh inside of the directory SC3Ufiles. It is all detailed here. I did however download the patches from the new site from Tuxgames. The other big thing was getting the files to work. Which was all detailed on the other page. I am so excited.

The only thing I was lacking to get NWN working on Debian with the movies was the libelf and libelf-dev. Otherwise, it was no problem. 🙂 I am very happy with Debian, becoming more so all the time!