We bought a Toyota Matrix.

We went to Gateway Honda in New Port Richey to test drive a Honda Fit. We walked in, and had an idea we were not gonna get a decent price offer. We had gotten a quote of $17300 Out the door from another Honda dealer online, so we were figuring we would start there for price. The other dealer was only a 30 minute drive away, so we figured we could always go there if we did not like the price at Gateway or the Toyota. Anyways, we walked in to Gateway Honda and they had a couple of High Def Tv’s sitting around playing different stuff, and a lady walking around giving out cookies, water, Bagel Pizza bites, coffee etc. They also all had nice Flat Screen Monitors and a computer on every desk. Kinda made me think they were screwing someone over to get all that fancy stuff.

They basically refused to deal at all. They could not even get close to the $17300 we had been quoted from another dealer! The worst part is, they refused to just tell us that, they kept trying to lead us on, and not even get close to the price. Was really annoying. So after they wasted two hours of our time, we decided to go down to Sun Toyota. We walked in, told them we wanted to test drive a Scion XD and a Matrix.. We test drove both, discovered the Matrix was actually cheaper, and bigger, with the same gas mileage! Woo! Perfect! Everything we wanted, and they come back with a nice price! $17100 out the door. Not to bad.. Of course, that did not include the power package and cruise control etc. So I asked them if there was any chance we could get everything we wanted, with the same price out the door. They asked if they did that, would we buy it today? I said, sure. It was a done deal. So we bought a very nice white Toyota Matrix. Everything we wanted on it. Nice Stereo and air comes standard. It was all very nice, and low stress actually. And the room is awesome! Has an extra 2 feet on the Fit, and gets almost the same gas mileage!

We are now proud Toyota Matrix owners. I love it!