Now what? :)

Ok, so now I am kinda at a loss for what to do with my spare time.  I have been spending every last extra minute I had researching what car to get for the last month or more.  Now we got our car, we love it, and I am at a loss what to do.  We should be getting a cruise control installed before the end of the week, so that will be nice to help prevent tickets. The Suncoast Highway is way to easy to get moving 80 in a 70 zone or 75 in a 60 zone.  Just keeping up with the speed of traffic.  I got stopped once on there, and they just gave me a warning as I had never had a ticket before, which was nice, even if the officer was otherwise kind of a rude jerk. I do not wanna even get stopped by them again, so the cruise control should help.

Emmy seems to love the car also, which is cool!  We have all the room we could ever want, and then some.  Plenty of head room, plenty of leg room, it is great! If anyone is thinking about getting a new car, I would highly recommend the Matrix over the Honda Fit, the Scion XD, or XB for that matter, the Aveo 5, or the Kia Rio 5.  I can save you a month worth of homework.  The Honda is a nice car, but they are basically price fixing it by not making it available.  The Scion is sold on Pure price, which means you can not haggle with them at all, and unless you are in the 20 something crowd, you could probably care less about having a “hip” car that you can add like 200 and some accessories to.  They are both decent cars though.  For the family that wants affordable, with space to do what they need to do, I highly recommend that Matrix.  Beats the crap our of Gas mileage on most Suv’s, and has a very nice price tag.  If you are in the Pasco County Florida area, I highly recommend Sun Toyota!

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