UFC 77

Cheer! I am so looking forward to the UFC 77 event tonight. We got the 3 package deal, so it will be entertaining for the next 3 months. Which is awesome! 🙂 Emmy and I talked about it, and there were a lot of good fights coming up with fighters we know and like, so why not. We ordered it! I am looking forward to Brandon Vera being back in the cage, and looking forward to seeing what Rich Franklin does to try and combat the tie clinch that Anderson Silva destroyed him with the first time. As Rich is mostly a striker, I do not see what he can bring to the Cage to take down Anderson. I wish him luck though, and hope they put on a heck of a show!

As this will be the first big test of Brandon Vera, I have no idea which way this one will go. He is facing Tim Sylvia. Tim is 6’8″ and pretty good, if a bit heavy on his feet. Tim also outweighs Brandon by about 40lbs. It should be a good fight though. Every fight I have seen of Brandon Vera’s has been very exciting. I was amazed at how fast Brandon took out former champ Frank Mir, although Mir has not been the same since his Motorcycle accident, it was still pretty amazing. I wish all the fighters good luck though, and hope they all put on a heck of a show!
What fight are you most looking forward to and why?
I am looking forward to seeing Brandon Vera return and finally facing a rated opponent.

What fight do you care for the least on the card?
Alvin Robinson Vs. Jorge Gurgel
Is the least interesting to me.  I have wanted to like Jorge, but most of his fights have not been that exciting.  He just does not appear to come out and give it his all.. Maybe it is his injuries that he has been plagued with in the past..Hopefully it will be different with the home town crowd.. We will see.

Who do you think will get the fight of the night?
Eric Schafer Vs. Stephan Bonnar
I think this one has a lot of potential for fight of the night.  Stephan is really glad to be back in the spot light, so will be looking to put on a good show. After Eric’s loss to Bisping, he is looking to get back in the win column, so it should be a battle.

Which fight do you think will be the knock out of the night?
Rich Franklin Vs. Anderson Silva Rich
I expect Anderson to knock Rich out pretty quick, or if Rich can survive, he may get a lucky punch out there.  They both have the power, so if Rich survives a while, it gives him a punchers chance.  Either way, I expect a knock out.

Submission of the Night?
I expect Stephan or Jorge to get it.  We will see though.

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