UFC 77 (Results —Spoilers)

Rich Franklin Vs. Anderson Silva – Anderson again totally dominated Rich. It was sad to see. Rich was looking at the clock half way through the first round hoping for the end of the round. Dude, for someone who trains like someone possessed. take your eyes off the clock and keep your eyes on Andersons hands that keep clenching behind your head. I love Rich. He is a great fighter most of the time, but as I said before, he just does not have the tools in his toolbox currently to fix the problem that is Anderson Silva.

Tim Sylvia Vs. Brandon Vera – I was hoping for Brandon Vera to win this. I think he would have stood a better chance had he not broke his hand in the first. After that he mostly just held on to Tim as Tim laid on him up against the cage. That is why I do not like Tim! I like most every Miletich fighter, but Tim is just so boring to watch. He laid on Brandon for 3 rounds. Come on dude, if you are so big and bad, push him back and bang him out. Don’t lay on him for 3 rounds and wear him out then hit him a few times. No wonder everyone boos you.

Alvin Robinson Vs. Jorge Gurgel – This went as I expected, I keep trying to like Jorge, but he keeps doing stupid stuff. In this case, he spent most of a round on his back getting punched in the face as he tried for an arm bar from the bottom.. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

Eric Schafer Vs. Stephan Bonnar – Stephan Bonner won, as I expected. Was not a submission, but was a great fight. Stephan got him down and pounded him out. Was good stuff.

Alan Belcher Vs. Kalib Starnes – Alan Belcher took this one. He opened a gap in Starnes head big enough and deep enough to see skull. Ref stoppage. Was an exciting fight..

It was a good show! I am very glad we spent the money to get the UFC fight pack! Awesome stuff! Still looking for some laid back people to come watch the next 2 shows with us in November and December if anyone in Spring Hill, Florida is interested. 🙂

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