How does spending billions on a war in another country….

Ok, so I hear the term “Conservative” all the time. I am lost trying to figure out how Bush could ever be considered Conservative though? He has spent Billions and Billions of our money on fighting a war in multiple countries. Wars that he was told there was no reason to start. He had to do it though, and I am sure at least part of the reason is, War time Presidents have more power. Sadly, this has done a lot to destroy world opinion of America. 🙁 How is that Conservative?

After doing some research, that is average for the last 75 years or so though. Republican presidents always let government spending and borrowing go out of control. Think it is only people on the left who think Bush is out of control? Of course, all the right wing seem to be blind to the reality of our National debt being out of control. Looking around at all the info on the national debt, it becomes obvious that had Clinton not worked so hard to lower the debt, we would now be completely sunk. So again I ask, how does this qualify him to be “Conservative”??? I do not understand.

Just to let everyone know, I do understand that when they say “Conservative”, they mean Socially Conservative. Which refers to their moral stance. Which is fine. I really do not agree with most of that, specially as I am still not married, but have been with the same women for 14 years. The best part? My now Republican Ex was cheating on me.. which is what caused our divorce. How does that work? How stupid.. Hypocrites! Boy that annoys me. Anyways…

The other problem I have with the Republicans is their pro Big Business attitude. They keep cutting the legs out from under the small businesses in the US, which is what this country was built on, and lowering the taxes on big business. How does this help us? This gives more and more power to the big companies with their lobbyists. That really ticks me off, cause it is a snowball effect. It will just get worse and worse. It really frustrates me when I have friends who are not making much money, but they are voting Republican because “Republicans are Conservative.” Great! So give your freedoms away to a corporately elected government. At least the Democrats try to help the people(Childrens insurance, welfare, other such programs.), and in recent history have tremendously lowered the national debt. Pretty impressive! Help the citizens of our country and spend less money then the Republicans?

S o that is it.. I am sure I will be voting Democrat once again.. Just for these reasons.. Not that I particularly feel the Democrats do that much better a job, but at least they are trying to help the citizens of out country, and not people in other countries who feel we are just putting our nose where it doesn’t belong.. and leaving us with a huge debt to repay.. The whole time, watching Social Security, which many older Americans count on, die. Personally, it bothers me that Bush is willing to throw 300Billion+ toward a war in a country that seems to be very unhappy about us being there, but not help our seniors be taken care of in their old age. 🙁 If this is Conservative morality, I will stick to Centrist with a left lean thanks.