Tweaking out Ubuntu.

So I use to not like Ubuntu, but after getting used to Debian, and installing Ubuntu for a friend and a family member, I got to looking at it, and it really is not bad at all.  In fact, I have now installed it on my system as my main OS.  Pretty good for a guy who was never an Ubuntu fan.  7.10 just makes everything way to easy though.  It will automatically install almost anything. Video Drivers, winmodems, wireless card drivers, and so on.  I am really impressed.  It has a nice polished look.

In fact, this weekend, I even went back and got my brothers laptop and brought it back over to put all the little tweaks on a system I normally do.  I setup new icons, new login screen aimed at him using pictures of his birds and a nice wallpaper I made with a picture of the bird he has had the longest.  I also sped up the boot time by eliminating the usplash screen.  I just edited the spash line out of the grub stuff.  Really nice. 🙂

It is funny, I used to really like KDE, but now after using Gnome for a while and liking it, KDE seems kinda clunky to me.  Weird..  However, I am all for people using whatever makes them feel most comfortable.  After having used KDE for years, I can not really recommend people not do so.  For those used to Windows, KDE is great.

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