Went and got Grandma & Aunt Susie

So I flew to Michigan on Thursday, and saw snow for the first time in like 7 years.  Yuck!  I hate snow!  I had to go up and get my Grandmother and Aunt who had decided last June that they were sick of Florida and going back to Michigan and never coming back to Florida.. Well, it started getting cold, and their attitudes were completely adjusted, so they called me and asked me if I would come get them.  I didn’t really want to see the snow, but have never been able to refuse them much of anything.

So I flew up on Thursday, got there at about 6:30pm. Saw my cousin Dani, and met her newest daughter, and her new husband.  Also got to see my Uncle and Aunt that I had not seen for awhile.  Well, we then left on Friday morning at 8am.  I then drove for 23 hours straight to arrive on Saturday morning to surprise Emmy. 🙂  Was great to see her shock and surprise!  I really missed her.  She really is the love of my life!

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