Busy designing a few websites

So recently I have been a bit busy.  Between getting ready for Christmas, which we mostly are,(Except some books I ordered on December 7th and still aren’t here) and designing and setting up several websites for a company that has 55+ Retirement Communities.  They are called Florida Broad Acre Trailer Lodge, Inc. and they run 3 parks.  One of them I had actually set up before, called Shadow Wood Village. I am revisiting that one, and updating it and setting it up similar to the two new ones, Bahia Vista Estates and Vista del Lago.

All of the Communities are nice.  Although, Vista del Lago is a bit smaller then I would wanna live in.  It does have a really nice small lake though.  And it is the only one of the Communities that still actually excepts RV’s.  The other two Communities are more permanent single and double wides only at this point. My favorite is the one I did first, Shadow Wood Village, but Bahia Vista in Sarasota is very nice as well.  If I were 55+ and looking for a place to retire, I would definitely look at either Bahia Vista or Shadow Wood.  Probably Shadow Wood as it is in a more affordable area.

Take a look at them and let me know what you think.  I made the logos and the themes, and wrote up everything for Bahia Vista and Vista del Lago.  I will be redoing  Shadow Wood soon with newer pictures and to be in line with the layout of the other two.

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