Emmy Rocks.

Just in case I have not mentioned it in the past, Emmy, my better half, rocks!  For several years I have sort of been wanting the Babylon 5 Series on DVD.  This year, she got them for me.  The entire Collection, for my Birthday.  I am thrilled!  Specially with the Writers strike in Hollywood!  Many of the shows we watch are pretty much at a stand still, so now I get to watch one of my favorite shows all over again!  I am still exercising daily,  doing 5 miles a day on the bike. It is a lot of fun still.

Tonight we are going out to dinner at Upthecreek. My mother will not be around next weekend as she is going up to my brother Mikes, so she is treating for my birthday this weekend.  Should be fun!  It is the same place we went for Emmy’s birthday last summer.  Thanks again for Babylon 5 Emmy!  I love you!

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  1. Yoldie says:

    hugs hugs hugs and Happy Birthday, Travis – and yes, your Em is wonderful, just like YOU!

    hugs – Yolds

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