Getting in Shape.

So as some might have realized reading my blogs, I have been trying to get in shape. I recently started riding an exercise bike. In January or so I decided it was a good way to start out the new year. I started out riding 5 miles a day for the first month. I do a few other exercises as well. I am doing the curls and shoulder presses every other day or so also. Well, over the last week, I have been ramping it up a bit. I am doing between 10 miles and 25 miles a day now. Feeling pretty good too.

I have learned in the past, if I can make it a part of my daily routine, as long as I do not have anything break it up, I get so I actually crave the workout. I am getting to that point now. I actually WANT to ride. I actually want to do my curls and such. I look forward to getting in better shape!

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