Got my new monitor.

So I got my new 24″ Monitor today.  Man, it is awesome!  I never dreamed this would be so good.  There is one pixel with a problem, but it is in the top edge, so not really a problem.  NewEgg seems to have a 9 dead pixel policy, so I could not return it even if I wanted to, which I don’t!

I played Conan a little bit in it, and it is just freaking awesome!  I can not wait until I have the faster system and faster and better Video Card.  This thing will be jaw dropping.  I can not wait!  Well, obviously I *have* to wait, but I do not want to. 😉  It really is impressive how different it is at a 1920×1200.  So much real estate in the game and out.  I can have two windows open at once side by side and it has plenty of room. Really cool!  I never really thought how much better it would be, but after seeing this, Emmy is thinking how nice it looks… We will have her one as soon as we can afford it probably, and I would not blame her a bit!  Knowing me, I will be encouraging her to start. Heh.

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