My system is built!

Woo! My system is built, and it is awesome!  I love it!  We even took the time to make sure all the cables were out of the way inside. Air Flow is actually cool in the system, and to top it all off, it is quiet!  So I highly recommend this system.  I did update the bios and remove all but 2 gig of memory to get it setup, but as soon as I had the 64bit Vista installed, I dropped in the other 6gig of memory, and it all runs perfectly.  I would rather be running Linux, but this is my game system, so I will just set up my old system at my desk to continue to run Linux for me.  It can be my old reliable.

The system scores in the Windows System Experience are all 5.9 except one, which is 5.7, which makes my system score a 5.7.  Not bad, not great.  Of course, that is with everything on my system running during the test. I had the web browser open, the virus scanner working, and pretty much everything else happening just like usual.  So I am very happy with my system!

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