Electric cars and renewable energy.

I was reading about Elon Mush, the co-founder of Paypal.  He has multiple startup businesses, and I have a ton of respect for the guy.  He is investing in renewable energy and Electric cars and in general trying to come up with solutions for Americas problems.  Not bad for a guy who left S. Africa at 17 huh?

I am sure many people have heard of Tesla Motors in the last several years? They have a high end electric roadster coming out this year for about $100k.  They will only be producing about 1800 per year to start. A bit steep for the average guy, but, it is a start as far as Elon Mush is concerned.  He hopes to be dropping the price and improving the cars over the next several years.  He is convinced that as they build up the mass production, that they can produce more affordable cars that everyone can drive.  I hope he is right.  I like the idea of having a solar panel on my house that powers my car.

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