Husband Training…

Saw this the other day on, I actually like the idea of husband training.  For several reasons. One, I have always felt that nagging just annoys men and escalates a problem.  Repeatedly telling us stuff is not going to work.  After hearing it a few times, a guy is just going to close his mind when it is repeated the next time.  At that point, the guy will be thinking about other things.  Where as, if a woman does the least reward thing, he does something that annoys her, and she will react in a cool fashion.  Not bringing up the behavior.  Just not being as “in” to him as normal.. A guy gets the disinterested treatment, he will wonder why and respond more positively to the explaination, after he asks..

Of course, that is just my opinion, but it would sure beat the heck out of getting nagged.  I hate getting nagged, as I am sure most men do.  I think this method would work much better on me.  I want to make my girl happy, and have her interested in what I am doing and right there with me.  If I do something, and she shows no interest in what I am doing, I am going to be curious why. Of course, as a woman, you have to pick a man who is not so into himself that he will never notice you are not happy with him.. and it needs to be a healthy enough relationship and match to begin with that he is interested in you, and you are still “in” to him..  So I like the idea, but it has a whole lot of ifs..

Why do they think people are so far removed that the same basic things do not apply?  We all have basic emotions and instincts.. We are all programmed to react certain ways to certain things..  Why are most babies faces so cute, even to those that are not big on children?  We are programmed to react a certain way to certain things.. Babies included.  Many people will disagree, but instinct can be fought against, but the fact that it is something that has to be trained out of us says something.

Ah well.. Found the article interesting, hope someone else stops and thinks about it also.