Does your Silver Paste have silver?

Questions you should ask when buying heat sink from some places.. Anyone who has ever worked on a system has probably used some soft of heat paste.  It fits between the CPU and the Heatsink on the CPU.  The better brands have silver in it, or so you would think sometimes by the name,  and by the price. That being said, a  test has proven that not all Silver heat pastes do, regardless of the name. So when building a computer, or upgrading a CPU, or replacing a CPU’s fan and heatsink, you need to make sure you buy the better stuff.  I am a fan of the Arctic Silver brand anyways. If you read the article, be sure to read all of it.  Some companies do step up and correct things, and this was originally checked in 2004.

I found this interesting on many levels. First, I find it interesting that it actually took someone getting curious and testing it themselves to fix the problem.. Seems like we often assume that the government has some basic failsafes in place to prevent completely false advertisements like this.. Scarey to find out that is not at all the case.  Second, I found it interesting that a company immedietly tested the problem themselves and did a recall of the product. That earned my respect.

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