MMA Weekend!

So this weekend on July 19th, there were two great MMA events!  Affliction Banned and UFC Fight Night.  Banned was totally awesome!  The Andrei Arlovski vs Ben Rothwell was the fight of the night for me.  Arlovski was relentless!  Back to the Pitball days.  Barnett and Rizzo was a pretty good fight also, but the flying knees Arlovski was giving Big Ben were freaking Awesome!  Could not have been more impressive.  Arlovski just totally dismantled Ben Rothwell.  Babalu was also looking good, and Mike Whitehead was as disappointing as ever.  They keep saying how great he is, and then he gets in the Ring/Octagon and totally bombs. It is very sad.. You can see the potential.  Fedor was freaking awesome.  I have never been a Tim “The Wet Blanket” Sylvia Fan, and seeing Fedor dismantle him that fast was very impressive!

Fight night had several good fights. Velasquez looked awesome as he got O’brien held down from side mount, tied up his arm between his legs on one side and his other arm between his neck and shoulder and beat out a victory in short order.  Rory Markham gave a highlight reel knockout kick for his debut in the Octagon againt Brodie Farber. Kevin Burns vs Anthony Johnson was the controversial fight of the night.  Burns seems to have broken his hand multiple times, and feels he can not do a punch properly now, so does an open palm hit, which seems to turn into an eye poke all to often.  After two good rounds, with a couple of minor eye pokes, there was a very obvious hard eye poke by Burns which sent Johnson screaming to the mat in pain.  The fight was called, but for whatever reason, instead of a DQ of Burns, they have it as a TKO to of Johnson, with Burns getting the victory, total BS, but Johnson actually was very classy about it, so he earned my respect a bit. I was very happy to see CB Dollaway put away Jessie Taylor in short order.  Kind of made you feel like it had went right having CB and Sadollah fight in the Ultimate Fighter final.

All told, it was the fans who won in a great night of MMA action!