Feeling better..

So after almost two weeks of working out, I am feeling better.. Still have not lost much weight or anything, but I am now not as sore when I get home, and I am starting to tweak my workout to be more interesting. I do this of course by figuring out ways to keep track of my progress online and on my computer. How else does a computer geek keep his workout interesting?

So I now have a page just for keeping track of my progress. I will eventually make it list my time on the treadmill also, but for now, it is enough. As you can see, I am skipping some things some days and going a littler harder on something those days. Other days I will be just doing a bit of everything. My goal is to lose some weight and get back into a shape I like. Heh. Something other than just rounding would be cool. Eventually, I will be making it so I can just post Blog like entries to my Exercise page.

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