Still going…

So it has been since September 22nd or so since I started exercising again. I have gone pretty much every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours 30 mins.  Sometimes I go with Terry down to the Anytime Fitness on 19 and sometimes I go to the one over on County Line Rd that is only like 3 miles from me.  If Terry is busy, I go to the closer Gym.  I have only missed one Friday during the last couple months, that being the Friday we took Bleys to the airport to go to his Aunt’s wedding.

That being said, I am happy with the results I have been seeing.. In fact, now I am starting to want to work out more, because I want to add a cardio day that is just cardio to help burn the weight faster.  I do a 30 min run every day I go to the Gym.. Normally do about 2 miles in that time and set the incline to about 4% Grade… Which does not seem like a lot, but it is amazing what a difference it makes to my heart rate.. I try and keep my heart rate in the 155-165 range.. I usually finish up with 3 mins of 6mph or so at a slightly higher incline.. like 5%.  I normally burn about 310-400 calories according to the machine. Some days I run a little longer, some days I run a little harder.

Either way, I now want to add a day where I either ride our Exercise Bike at home, or run to my local Anytime Fitness and do just a cardio blast day.  Maybe a 3 mile run, or some time on the eliptical trainer. Whatever I add, I have decided I want to add something, because I want to see more results, and I think that would help push me into that much better shape.  I think when I get over the hump, I will start losing at a slightly better pace then I have been.  I actually put on an extra 5lbs since I first started, although my waist is getting slightly smaller, and my arms, chest, legs and belly slightly more defined.  I have decided I want to go into my 40’s in better shape then I came into my 30’s.  Otherwise, how bad will I be by 50?  60?  Scarey… So I want to start putting the work in now and see how I do.. Of course, I been putting in a little work out time almost every year, my problem is normally staying with it for more then 3 months or so.. Hopefully, paying for a gym membership will help motivate me to use it!

Wish me luck!

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