UFC 92 the Ultimate 2008

I am really looking forward to this PPV!  Some excellent fights!

  • 205 lbs.: UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin (205) vs. Rashad Evans (203)

I hope for Forrest to win,  but with the way Rashad has been improving by leaps and bounds, it would not surprise me to see him win.  The cockiness of him annoys me, and has since The Ultimate Fighter Season 2, so would really enjoy seeing Forrest beat his cocky butt.

  • 265 lbs.: UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira (246) vs. Frank Mir (251)

Big Nog is pretty impressive.  I kinda expect to see him win, but would love to see Mir win.  After watching The Ultimate Fighter Season 8, Mir come off as kinda a jerk, but I think he deserves the chance to win the belt so he can actually legitimately lose it.  I always kinda felt bad with the way he won it, was doing so well, had an accident and ended up unable to defend the belt.

  • 205 lbs.: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (206) vs. Wanderlei Silva (203)

After the way Silva took Jackson in Pride, I think this will be an awesome fight.  However, with the difference in rules, I expect that things will favor Rampage much more here. So I expect Rampage to win, but would not be surprised to see the Axe Murder  take him.  That is the joy of MMA.  Anything can happen on any given night.  Considering that Silva won the last two matches, by all rights, you would expect him to win.. but nobody seems to.  The Axe Murderer is a puncher and has some mean knees.. so he can always pull off the upset.

  • 265 lbs.: Cheick Kongo (233) vs. Mustafa Al-Turk (237)

I completely expect Kongo to win this.  Being that Al-Turk has some good knockouts though, one punch can change that result.

  • 185 lbs.: C.B. Dollaway (186) vs. Mike Massenzio (184)

This could go either way.  They actually wrestled in 2003, and CB won.. A lot has happened since then, but I think CB wants to prove himself.  So I would not be surprised to see him pull off another victory.