Looking forward to our Tucson visit!

Starting to look forward to our visit to Tucson and Emmy’s family!  Will be the first time in several years I been back there and I look forward to getting to know all of them again.  I also enjoy seeing Tucson.  I think it is very pretty landscape.  Emmy of course feels it is pretty to visit, but she would not want to live there. Which is ok, but I enjoy the barren landscape and beautiful sunsets framed by the mountains surrounding it.  I will have to try and get a picture to post while we are out there.

We are also planning a trip down to Mexico while we are there.  We have went down to Mexico everytime we been there and always have a good time.

We are actually going here in Mexico:

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We will also try to go horse back riding in the desert and check out some of the sights.  Emmy has seen them all, and I have seen a lot of them several times, but Bleys is going for the first time.  Should be a lot of fun!

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