The new Corporate Reality of America today.

Anyone else bothered by all the big corporations running our country? I mean, seriously, I see people complaining about not being able to live off the grid, not being able to collect rain water. Who do people complain about? The Government, but then they continue to vote the same ways. I would like to point out, it is not JUST the government, it is the corporations that with the new political campaign laws are now pretty much legally allowed to buy and pay for our government officials. Do not see how money can make something happen that we do not want?
In the last election, Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson bankrolled the campaign against medical marijuana in Florida. It worked. In May, before the election, Medical Marijuana had a 90% approval rating. By election time, he had shaved more then 40 points off that and it failed. Seriously? Here is a little story about it. and you can also read more about it where he is quoted as saying,”I’m against very wealthy people attempting to or influencing elections. But as long as it’s doable I’m going to do it.”
Yet, we keep voting for politicians that continue to give our rights and powers as a people away to the big corporations and the super wealthy? Why? Do people ever take a minute to actually look and see how the people they vote for actually vote? Read up on the laws that they are passing, or at least trying to pass? How do those laws actually help or hinder us? To many of them seem to be limiting our abilities to survive freely, without giving huge amounts of our incomes to big corporations, who actually get a large part of our money already from government subsidies. and give you some ideas on where our money is really going. But if you watch the news, they will happily send you to the social welfare programs as our problem with the budget in this country. Seriously? Corporate subsidies help make the rich richer. Social Welfare helps poor people eat. Yes, they may get some toys with it too, but it is meant to help give them a place to live and eat. I do not disagree that it could use some reform, but as we are spending about half the price on social welfare that we are spending on corporate-welfare, I really do not feel like someone buying an iphone who is on welfare is our major budget problem in this Country.
Now, we have corporations who are out to patent things you can find in nature as a cure to cancer? Seriously? Is anyone else getting real sick of corporations running our country and our lives? Anyone else ever looked at health care costs in any other country? How about costs of medications?
and this gives you an idea on medications.  So what we see if you actually read this is, they charge us outrageous prices for Insurance, they charge us outrageous prices for healthcare, and they charge us outrageous prices for medications, and they patent even things that are grown naturally so they can charge us high prices for those things? Wow. They have us coming and going.
I have a lot of friends who are very conservative, and they complain about the cost of medication, they complain about the cost of medical care, they complain about the government, and taxes, but they do not complain about the fact that the corporations charging all this money are able to contribute huge amounts of money to get leaders that are sympathetic to them elected. The corporate media continues to spin the left against the right, but there really isn’t a big difference. What really starts to bother me is when you look at who owns the majority of many of these corporations.
Really rather disturbing.
They really want to control everything right down to our water.

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