k, so about me:

  • I was born in 1971. I am male. I am 5″10.
  • I have two children. My son was born in 1989, my daughter in 1990.
  • I have been lucky enough to be with a beautiful and talented woman who I love dearly since 1994, a few years after my separation from the mother of my two children.
  • I love to read, and play on my computer.
  • I am a complete computer Geek.
  • I love Linux. Ubuntu and Debian are my current personal favorites.
  • I love my pets, both cats and dog.Me
  • I like Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, and have recently discovered I really enjoy Military Fantasy.
  • I keep coming up with big plots for books, but sit down and draw a blank for the basic stories.
  • I am originally from Frewsburg, NY but I live in Florida and love it.
  • I love the Ocean. I like Cruising, sitting at the beach, watching dolphins, bodyboarding, snorkeling and just in general being near the ocean. I am bored to death by fishing.

I have many favorite authors and books. Here are a few in no real order.

  • Anne McCaffrey : has been one of my long standing favorites, Pern was just cool.
  • George R. R. Martin : A really interesting writer.  The Political Plot is very interesting.
  • Piers Anthony : Xanth got me hooked, have loved lots since.
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley : The Darkover books have been a long standing favorite.
  • Roger Zelazny : The Amber books were awesome. So awesome I named my son out of them.
  • Michael Moorcock : The Eternal Champion books were good fun. An Easy read, but entertaining.
  • Chris Bunch : Emmy happened to bring one of his home from the library for me. I loved it.
  • John Scalzi : The Old Man’s War is a wonderful Series! I really enjoyed it a lot!
  • Dave Duncan : I have really enjoyed the stories of the Kings Blades.
  • Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman : The Dragonlance books were really good. 🙂
  • Anne Rice : I enjoyed the Vampire Books, and some of the Witches books.
  • Frank Herbert : Dune was and is awesome. His son Brian has picked them up and is doing a decent job also.
  • R.A. Salvatore : Drizzt is the coolest Dark Elf out. End of story.
  • Melanie Rawn : I loved the Sunrunners! Awesome books.
  • Patricia A. McKillip : I loved the Earthmaster Books. Was an interesting set of books.
  • Jean Lorrah : I enjoyed the Savage Empire Books. They were a good read.
  • JRR Tolkien : The Hobbit and the Return of the King were my first books back in First grade or so.
  • C.S. Lewis : Ok, so these days, I do not read them much, but I have revisited the Narnia books once or twice.

If you are looking for hard to find out of date books, I highly recommend Alibris.com.

TV /Movies :
I am a big Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan, so I tend to watch a lot of those types of shows.
Here are the shows I can think of currently.
Shows I like currently on TV:

  • Doctor Who – They have really breathed life into this classic!
  • The Simpsons – How can you not love the Simpsons? Always funny, always creative.
  • Arrow – Super hero shows. They at least last because they have mass appeal. Decent story.
  • Flash – Has a bit more humor then the Flash, still decent story lines, and super villans. Cool!
  • Humans – Love the Creative way they make these robots creepy!
  • Mr Robot – Kind of an interesting look at the corporate world and the hacker world.
  • NCIS – I will Gibbs slap you if you do not know this show!
  • Most MMA stuff on TV I like as well.

Shows I have liked that died:

  • Stargate Atlantis – I skipped watching Stargate and Atlantis for a long time, but my whole family kept asking me if I had watched the latest episode.. Finally I watched them and now I am hooked, so of course it died.
  • Almost Human – This was my favorite show! I really enjoyed it. The humor was awesome!
  • House – I really enjoy seeing House as the know it all who is totally socially inept.
  • Burn Notice – Fiona is the best character ever!
  • Torchwood – A spinoff of Dr. Who, we follow Capt. Jack as he is stuck in our time, fighting the Aliens that keep appearing on Earth. Interesting. I am actually liking a lot of these BBC shows.
  • Heroes – I loved the first season of this, I only hope it keeps going the way it started. Season 2 has been more of the same. In fact, they managed to bring back the main villain. How annoying! Kinda on the fence currently.
  • Sanctuary – A cool monsters are among us film.  Only this time, we are not just out to kill them, we are out to help give them a place to exist.
  • Eureka – Funny Sci-Fi. Really enjoy it.
  • Demons-Kinda seems like they took the Buffy the Vampire idea and reversed a bunch of things.. The main character is male.. It takes place in England, with an American “Watcher”. It is kinda interesting.
  • Forever – I really enjoyed this. Of course it died.
  • Stargate Universe
  • Dollhouse
  • Bully Beatdown
  • Chuck – Very funny!  Awesome comedy spy show.
  • Pushing Daisies -This was a funny little show.. Very quirky..
  • Life – A cop who was setup for the murder of his partner has proved his innocence and is now out to find the real killers. The twist?  He has a large settlement and is back on the force.
  • Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles – A TV show spin-off of the Movie version of the Terminator. Really enjoying it!
  • Kyle Xy – Has a lot of things that remind me of Dark Angel.
  • Primeval – A pretty cool idea.. Windows to different times opening up randomly around England, possibly the world.  Prehistoric creatures keep popping up in modern day life.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures -A spin off of Doctor Who.  One of his companions from long ago and where she is now and how he influenced what she is doing now.  Very Cool.
  • Surface – This was a cool and mysterious show. I really liked all the characters. Nim was just the coolest thing! I will miss it.
  • The 4400 – This is simply awesome. I love the abilities.
  • Battlestar Galactica – Is not bad, but the drama goes overboard sometimes.
  • New Amsterdam – Very cool idea.. The Immortal who has lived in NY City for 100’s of years, and watched it grow up.  Now a cop and solving crimes..
  • Blood Ties – Has a Anne Rice feel to the whole Vampire thing.
  • Dark Angel – I think this is where Jessica Alba got her start. And who doesn’t enjoy watching a hot woman kick butt? The Sci-fi twist was pretty good. She wasn’t just hot, she was genetically engineered, obviously.. Just look at her!? LOL!
  • Invisible Man – I thought it was kinda interesting. Same old thing in one respect, but with a twist of humor.
  • Stargate SG-1 – I enjoyed these. I avoided them for a really long time because Richard Dean Anderson annoyed me in Mcgyver. After I got over that, and watched the character he played in SG1, I actually got to like him.
  • Firefly – Written by Joss Whedon, the writer of Buffy, Firefly is an interesting look at the future of space. Brings a Cowboy view to the future.
  • The Bionic Woman – Was a cool remake of the Bionic Woman from the 70’s and 80’s.  I really thought it was pretty good, so of course it was canceled.
  • Star trek NG – Having watched Star Trek as a kid, and even then realizing it was a bit hoaxie, I was thrilled to see Star Trek come back as a Teenager. I watched this all the time, whenever I could. In fact, my daughter was delivered in the middle of the Season Premier in 1991 of this episode.
  • Star trek Voyager – An interesting version of Star Trek. Not my favorite, but had some interesting characters.
  • Star Trek Enterprise – I was very disappointed they killed this. I actually liked it better then anything other then Next Gen.
  • Star Trek Deep Space 9 – Soap Opera in space. My least favorite of the Star Trek Universe. Still better then many things on TV. 🙂
  • Moonlight – Another Vampire series. More of the same, but has an interesting set of characters. Not my favorite, but better then nothing.
  • Journeyman – A cool show with an interesting Quantum Leap idea to it. Very cool.. Will be missed.
  • Dresden Files – I really like the whole magic in everyday world premise.
  • Babylon 5 – was one of my favorites. One of the best laid out stories in a long time for a TV show. I really miss Babylon 5. I got the full Movie Collection for this for Christmas, and Emmy just bought me the entire series on DVD.  I am thrilled!
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I started out not liking Buffy, as the movie from the 80’s was so silly, but it grew on me as I watched it and became attached to the characters. Was a cult classic for Sci/Fi/Fanasty Tv.
  • Angel – A spin off from Buffy, Angel was the vampire with a soul looking for redemption for the evil things he had done. He does that by helping people. Many stars from Buffy make guest appearances over here.
  • John Doe – I rather liked this one. The whole,”Who am I, what happened to me?” was pretty cool.
  • Special Unit 2 – Rather funny.. sorta like Men in black without the dignity.
  • Dead Like Me – I love the dark humor of this. I wish they would bring it back on normal TV.
  • Highlander – There can be only one! Let it be Duncan Macleod! I really enjoyed these. Why? I dunno. I guess it was just the sword and sorcery of it all.

Movies :

  • Avatar (In 3D it is the most visually awesome movie I ever seen)
  • The Matrix Trilogy (The First one was the best, but all of them were good.)
  • The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (After growing up on these, seeing them brought to life was awesome!)
  • The Harry Potter Movies (All of them. They are magical.)
  • 300 (Awesome Action!)
  • The Patriot (The scene where Mel Gibsons character goes off killing the British soldier in front of his kids was….)
  • The Astronaut Farmer (It was a wonderful reminder to always try for your dreams, and to dream big!)
  • The Original Highlander and Dune.  Looking back on them, they are kinda hoaxie, but I still enjoy them.

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  1. Sweets says:

    Hi Trav;
    Trying to get in touch with your Dad. Could you send me his email add. and or phone number. I have some sad news to give him. Also what part of Florida are you in. I get down there in the fall to take my folks down for the winter. They are in Bowling Green.

    Jim (Sweets)

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