Terrorism the new Communism?

So I was thinking about the days often portrayed in movies.. The days of the witch hunt after Communist supporters in the USA back in the 50’s.  Anybody else remember learning about the McCarthy trials? How they were basically a witch hunt?  How basically anybody that did not believe the same as the Republicans and Conservative Democrats that were behind the trials were “linked” to Communism as a way of discrediting them?  One of the things I find most distasteful about the Republican party is the fact they like to lead these crusades and play on the common Americans fears.  Oh, what is the common America scared of this decade?  We can play on that to get elected.  Then we can abuse our opponents with the magnifying glass of suspicion.  Nevermind the damage done to our society.  Remember folks, the US was created with the idea of being the great melting pot.

I find it sad that a small group can play on peoples fears to this point, and find it disgusting that they do as often as they can drum up a common enemy to use to put themselves in power.  If you are curious about what I mean with this, just do some searching on Pat McCarran and Joseph McCarthy. A very scary time for America.  A very dividing time.. Much like now with Bush and Terrorism and linking everyone and anyone they get half a chance to to Terrorists. Now they are trying to link Obama to an activist from the 70’s that was a radical.. Who cares?  If we did not care about Bush being a worthless drunk in the 70’s, why should we care that Obama knew a guy who was a radical in the 70’s?

I get sick of the smear attacks this time of year.  I do not care who Obama knows, I do not care what McCain got linked to in the 80’s.  If he did not go to prison for it, who cares?  Like we don’t know they are all crooks to one degree or another. Who cares what John Kerry did in the 70’s?  Was he a war hero?  Everything I have seen says yes.. Did he come home and go to anybody who would listen about the stupidity of the war? Yep.. To me, that just means he was willing to speak up when many sat down or found ways around serving.  Why did Bush find that a reason to attack him?  To me, that made Bush that much more of a despicable person.  Attacking an actual hero as he was staying in the states being a drunk and a drug user.  Like I said though, this is history, not what we need to hear about.

What I really want to know is, what are they going to do to take care of the National Debt?  What are they going to do to help our old people who have lost all of their retirement in the break down of our economy?  Stop and consider the baby boomers who were just starting retirement and now many of whom have lost it.  What is going to be done to help them?  Great, we are helping the companies that screwed up, but what are we doing to help the every day Americans?  What will they do for health care?  Food?  Prescriptions?  Homes?  What are we going to do to help them?  What are we going to do to make the world a safer place?  Cause being a bully is not going to do that in my opinion.  As I recall from the play ground as a child, running around throwing things at people and calling them names is not the best way to make friends.  Neither is walking around with a bat threatening to hit everyone who says or does something you don’t like.

Come on people, lets vote on the issues.  Not the Issue.  I realize many are against abortion, and that is fine, but is that one issue really worth voting for people who bankrupt us and drag us into wars and ruin relations with other major powers around the world?  I think not.  Stop believing the hype they put out and the hate, and start looking at the issues. Personally, I think we need other parties if we want real change, but in the meantime, I will take the lesser of the two evils and vote for Obama just because I will never trust another Republican in office after seeing what Bush did to our National Debt and our Diplomacy with other Countries in 8 short years.

National Debt Graph

Weekly Exercise Table

Machine Low Row Back Extension Abdominal Pectoral Fly Tricep Press
Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri
120 130 150 110 120 70 70 130 130
3 6 6 6 10 6 10 3 3
12 12 10 12 10 10 10 10 10
Machine Rear Deltoid Chest Press Shoulder Press Bicep Curl
Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri
70 70 75 80 50 50 60 65
3 7 3 5 3 4 3 4
10 10 10 10 10 8 10 10
Machine Glutes Seated Leg Press Leg Extension Seated Leg Curl
Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri
95 95 250 250 95 110 80 110
6 6 3 3 3 6 3 6
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Machine Lat Pull Down Assisted Chin Up Triceps Pushdown Assisted Dip
Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri
70 115 40 115
3 3 6 3
10 10 10 10

Feeling better..

So after almost two weeks of working out, I am feeling better.. Still have not lost much weight or anything, but I am now not as sore when I get home, and I am starting to tweak my workout to be more interesting. I do this of course by figuring out ways to keep track of my progress online and on my computer. How else does a computer geek keep his workout interesting?

So I now have a page just for keeping track of my progress. I will eventually make it list my time on the treadmill also, but for now, it is enough. As you can see, I am skipping some things some days and going a littler harder on something those days. Other days I will be just doing a bit of everything. My goal is to lose some weight and get back into a shape I like. Heh. Something other than just rounding would be cool. Eventually, I will be making it so I can just post Blog like entries to my Exercise page.

Working out Again…

Ok, I know it is an on again off again thing with the exercise. However, this time, I am joining a gym.  I am actually joining Anytime Fitness. I have been going Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 2 and a half hours per visit.  It is a nice solid workout.  I do the complete round of their equipment, doing at least 3 sets of 10 on each piece of equipment at as much weight as I can manage.  The weight ranges from 30 pounds to 250 pounds depending on what I am working.  Mostly though, 70 pounds is about where I start.

I am hoping to work out for a month or two like this and get into good enough shape to feel comfortable going to MMA training.  Emmy wants to train MMA also, so I am really looking forward to it!  It should be a lot of fun!  After I get a month or so in, I will consider posting some pics and showing how I am doing.  As it stands, I know I need a lot of work before I even consider starting MMA training, let alone consider posting pics. ;P

House upgrades and such.

Well, I have been a bit busy with doing house repairs.. We have redone the bathroom between the kids rooms and laminated the kitchen and utility room floor.  Now I finally got my Linux system put together and got it up and running today and am going back to playing Warhammer Online. 🙂 Thought I would at least stop off here to let anyone who actually glances at this now and then know what is going on..

Air and Gas combination car a real possibility?

I was reading a story over on CNN that was very interesting.  It was all about a air/gas car that could get 106mpg.  It is a former french race car engineer’s invention.  It has recently been licensed by a US firm for possible production by 2010.  They hope to have a model that could get 106 mpg and seat 6 for less then $18000.  There are some questions on the possibility of a 6 seater getting that good of mileage, but if it is even slightly possible, it would be REALLY impressive!  Could make us consider getting a new car a lot sooner I guess if they triple the mileage possibilities for that kind of price!

MMA Weekend!

So this weekend on July 19th, there were two great MMA events!  Affliction Banned and UFC Fight Night.  Banned was totally awesome!  The Andrei Arlovski vs Ben Rothwell was the fight of the night for me.  Arlovski was relentless!  Back to the Pitball days.  Barnett and Rizzo was a pretty good fight also, but the flying knees Arlovski was giving Big Ben were freaking Awesome!  Could not have been more impressive.  Arlovski just totally dismantled Ben Rothwell.  Babalu was also looking good, and Mike Whitehead was as disappointing as ever.  They keep saying how great he is, and then he gets in the Ring/Octagon and totally bombs. It is very sad.. You can see the potential.  Fedor was freaking awesome.  I have never been a Tim “The Wet Blanket” Sylvia Fan, and seeing Fedor dismantle him that fast was very impressive!

Fight night had several good fights. Velasquez looked awesome as he got O’brien held down from side mount, tied up his arm between his legs on one side and his other arm between his neck and shoulder and beat out a victory in short order.  Rory Markham gave a highlight reel knockout kick for his debut in the Octagon againt Brodie Farber. Kevin Burns vs Anthony Johnson was the controversial fight of the night.  Burns seems to have broken his hand multiple times, and feels he can not do a punch properly now, so does an open palm hit, which seems to turn into an eye poke all to often.  After two good rounds, with a couple of minor eye pokes, there was a very obvious hard eye poke by Burns which sent Johnson screaming to the mat in pain.  The fight was called, but for whatever reason, instead of a DQ of Burns, they have it as a TKO to of Johnson, with Burns getting the victory, total BS, but Johnson actually was very classy about it, so he earned my respect a bit. I was very happy to see CB Dollaway put away Jessie Taylor in short order.  Kind of made you feel like it had went right having CB and Sadollah fight in the Ultimate Fighter final.

All told, it was the fans who won in a great night of MMA action!


So the last several days have been very busy!  Wednesday I fixed a laptop for a guy that had a monkey that knocked it off the desk. Cute monkey, but into everything! Loved my ponytail.Thursday a friend of mine went into the hospital for an operation, had to have him there at 6:30am. I am not a morning person.  He is doing great, but we been getting down to visit him daily which takes some time.  I have also been doing a lot of Computer repair the last several days. Actually, more just helping people work out the kinks on new systems and tweaking them to be the way they want then actually fixing I guess. It had been kind of quiet, then all at once I got several people at once needing stuff.. Always the way it goes I guess.

On top of everything else, my sons former Stepfather came down for a visit that has been planned for more than a month.  Has been kinda fun.  My sons half sister which I had never met, came down with him, and I want them to keep a family tie, so I figured this was an important visit.  So my son has been running around with them, Emmy and I have been running to the hospital, and I been running to help with computers.

Now, tonight, some friends want us to go out to dinner, which we just could not pass up, we always have a good time with them. We also have a UFC fight night on tonight which we are excited about, and we bought the Allifiction “Banned” PPV.  All of which should be awesome fights!  It is Afflictions first fight card, and it is stacked, so it should be awesome!  I just hope it runs smoothly, without to much time between fights, and without to many problems.  Always hard to tell with a new Promotion.  We have high hopes though!

Well, time to go visit my friend in the hospital! Later!

Does your Silver Paste have silver?

Questions you should ask when buying heat sink from some places.. Anyone who has ever worked on a system has probably used some soft of heat paste.  It fits between the CPU and the Heatsink on the CPU.  The better brands have silver in it, or so you would think sometimes by the name,  and by the price. That being said, a  test has proven that not all Silver heat pastes do, regardless of the name. So when building a computer, or upgrading a CPU, or replacing a CPU’s fan and heatsink, you need to make sure you buy the better stuff.  I am a fan of the Arctic Silver brand anyways. If you read the article, be sure to read all of it.  Some companies do step up and correct things, and this was originally checked in 2004.

I found this interesting on many levels. First, I find it interesting that it actually took someone getting curious and testing it themselves to fix the problem.. Seems like we often assume that the government has some basic failsafes in place to prevent completely false advertisements like this.. Scarey to find out that is not at all the case.  Second, I found it interesting that a company immedietly tested the problem themselves and did a recall of the product. That earned my respect.