Broken system. :'(

I find it frustrating that our government has been taken over by a bunch of elite rich people, who now spend most of their time convincing people that the minimum wage should remain low. The minimum wage should be high enough to pay the minimum in bills and food for survival. That was the entire point of minimum wage. So that corporations could not keep workers working for next to nothing wages while filling the guys at the tops pockets.

So here we are. 2018 and CEO pay is up 997% since 1978. ( ) The part that confuses me is that there are people who are making very little money claiming that the little guys making less than them getting more money will raise costs?? So the fact that the CEO is making 997% does not raise costs? But raising the minimum wage so that the kids just getting started can go to college and pay their bills will break the system? Really? Nobody else sees a problem with this? And, to really make it easier on that poor rich guy who has gotten a huge continuous raise since 1978, we needed to lower taxes on them.. because you know, they have only gotten 82% of all wealth in 2017. ( It would not be fair to them to expect them to use some of that wealth to either pay for services for the people that work for them, or to pay the people that work for them with a decent wage.

I am confused why we do not expect more out of our businesses? Who gave them the rights to our world?! Oh yeah, our government is… As fast as it can. :’( So here we are, a country that has become an Oligarchy, claiming to be a Republic, claiming to be a Democracy?!? The whole time, our current government parties are running campaigns against Socialism of any sort, but the last time our country actually made progress on infrastructure and such was during FDR’s 4 terms.. The tax on the rich and corporations was pretty high.. ( ( )

Why, after an even bigger crash, and a worse period of time in some peoples minds financially, are we still allowing them to remove more safety nets, and build bigger corporations that we can not afford to have fail?!? What the hell is our government doing to protect us? We are still paying for the recovery of the last failing by the ultra rich, and they have been given a pass with their tax rates dropped.. and our future is sold.. and here we are, voting in more rich old people?!?! WTF people?!?!

Mom’s Obituary

Priscilla C. Walker

Priscilla C. Walker, 22 year resident of New Port Richey, Florida, formerly of Jamestown, NY, lost her battle to cancer Saturday(February, 17th 2018) at home with her family.

She was born April 2nd, 1951 in Frewsburg, NY the daughter of F. Enos Johnson and C. Barbara Adams Johnson.

She was an animal lover who enjoyed spending time in the sun and reading Fantasy books.

She played on pool leagues in Jamestown and worked at several bars over the years in the area.

She worked at WCA for many years before moving south to Florida. She worked as a Radiology Technician for more than 25 years between WCA and her place of employment in Florida.

Priscilla is survived by Steven C.(Kathy) Birt, Travis R.(Emily) Birt, Michael Q.(Tiffany) Birt; 9 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild; 3 siblings, Karen Wingate, Susan Johnson, Leroy Johnson.

She was predeceased in death by her parents.

She asked for and received a private family Celebration of Life on a beach in Florida. In lieu of flowers, you can donate to the American Cancer Society in her honor.

Losing my Mom. :(


Been really hard for the last couple of years to watch my Mom slowly lose her fight with Cancer. 🙁  She, being the private person she is, told all of us we were not allowed to talk about it. So we have been dealing with this quietly between all of us. Just the immediate family.

It all started in March 2016 when we went out for dinner with Aunt Susie and Mom.  Aunt Susie told us that my Mom had mentioned having some problems since January. We asked Mom about it, and she said she was getting ready to call the doctor to make an appointment. The problem had been going on for 2 months by then. She finally got to the doctors at the end of April, and they discovered cancer.  They scheduled for June to do Surgery, a full 6 months after she started having problems. 🙁 Never let anything that could be cancer wait this long. 🙁

By the time they did the surgery to try and remove it, they were to late, it had already spread.  Then due to complications from surgery chemo was postponed as well for like 3 months.  🙁  It finally started in like October.  She finally had the chemo rounds and then the radiation which took about 5 months and they finally did another scan. At that point they discovered it had spread. 🙁 She had already had the limit of radiation, and they decided they would try another type of Chemo as a last resort to try and buy her time. They told her the best hope was just to try to control how fast it spread. 🙁   Around the end of the year, they told her there was nothing else they could do.


We stopped over around my birthday to see her, and she had started to lose weight already from getting the flu and fighting that also.  Well, in visiting her, I managed to get the flu.. So it was 2 weeks before we got over again.  I then got a call from my brother telling me I needed to start stopping over regularly, because she was going down hill quick.  I was unsure how much could change in just 2 weeks, but we of course went over the next day to see how things were going.   Just 2 days shy of 2 weeks since I had seen her, and it brought tears to my eyes seeing my Mom in that condition. 🙁 It is horrible to see someone you care about take a down hill dive like this.  We are basically left waiting for her to die.  She does not have any hope left, and she has given up.


As much as I do not want to think about this, or really have to look at this regularly, I do feel that the warning should go out for people.  If you think there is even a chance that you have something wrong with you, do not put off getting checked. In 2 years, my mother went from being reasonably healthy for her age, a few aches and pains, but nothing serious, to laying in a bed, barely moving, and it hurting horribly to move, just waiting to die.  For the sake of those you love, and those who love you, please do not put off getting checked.

She passed peacefully in her sleep with Aunt Susie by her side on 2/17/2018. 🙁