Still going!

So here it is 3 months later, and I am still going to the Gym 3 times a week at least.  I haven’t really lost much weight, but I have started firming up a lot!  Probably if I watched what I ate, I could actually drop the weight.  I may eventually get around to changing my diet more, but first I figure I will do some time seriously exercising, which I have been doing.  I am walking about an hour per day, which equates to about 4.2 miles or so.  I end up at the gym for about 2 hours per time I go.  To long for Emmy to be interested in going from what she says, but long enough for me to actually get into shape!  I will have to fill out one of my sheets the next time I go so I can see what sort of progress I have made on weight and such. 🙂

Still going…

So it has been since September 22nd or so since I started exercising again. I have gone pretty much every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours 30 mins.  Sometimes I go with Terry down to the Anytime Fitness on 19 and sometimes I go to the one over on County Line Rd that is only like 3 miles from me.  If Terry is busy, I go to the closer Gym.  I have only missed one Friday during the last couple months, that being the Friday we took Bleys to the airport to go to his Aunt’s wedding.

That being said, I am happy with the results I have been seeing.. In fact, now I am starting to want to work out more, because I want to add a cardio day that is just cardio to help burn the weight faster.  I do a 30 min run every day I go to the Gym.. Normally do about 2 miles in that time and set the incline to about 4% Grade… Which does not seem like a lot, but it is amazing what a difference it makes to my heart rate.. I try and keep my heart rate in the 155-165 range.. I usually finish up with 3 mins of 6mph or so at a slightly higher incline.. like 5%.  I normally burn about 310-400 calories according to the machine. Some days I run a little longer, some days I run a little harder.

Either way, I now want to add a day where I either ride our Exercise Bike at home, or run to my local Anytime Fitness and do just a cardio blast day.  Maybe a 3 mile run, or some time on the eliptical trainer. Whatever I add, I have decided I want to add something, because I want to see more results, and I think that would help push me into that much better shape.  I think when I get over the hump, I will start losing at a slightly better pace then I have been.  I actually put on an extra 5lbs since I first started, although my waist is getting slightly smaller, and my arms, chest, legs and belly slightly more defined.  I have decided I want to go into my 40’s in better shape then I came into my 30’s.  Otherwise, how bad will I be by 50?  60?  Scarey… So I want to start putting the work in now and see how I do.. Of course, I been putting in a little work out time almost every year, my problem is normally staying with it for more then 3 months or so.. Hopefully, paying for a gym membership will help motivate me to use it!

Wish me luck!

Weekly Exercise Table

Machine Low Row Back Extension Abdominal Pectoral Fly Tricep Press
Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri
120 130 150 110 120 70 70 130 130
3 6 6 6 10 6 10 3 3
12 12 10 12 10 10 10 10 10
Machine Rear Deltoid Chest Press Shoulder Press Bicep Curl
Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri
70 70 75 80 50 50 60 65
3 7 3 5 3 4 3 4
10 10 10 10 10 8 10 10
Machine Glutes Seated Leg Press Leg Extension Seated Leg Curl
Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri
95 95 250 250 95 110 80 110
6 6 3 3 3 6 3 6
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Machine Lat Pull Down Assisted Chin Up Triceps Pushdown Assisted Dip
Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri Mon Wed Fri
70 115 40 115
3 3 6 3
10 10 10 10

Feeling better..

So after almost two weeks of working out, I am feeling better.. Still have not lost much weight or anything, but I am now not as sore when I get home, and I am starting to tweak my workout to be more interesting. I do this of course by figuring out ways to keep track of my progress online and on my computer. How else does a computer geek keep his workout interesting?

So I now have a page just for keeping track of my progress. I will eventually make it list my time on the treadmill also, but for now, it is enough. As you can see, I am skipping some things some days and going a littler harder on something those days. Other days I will be just doing a bit of everything. My goal is to lose some weight and get back into a shape I like. Heh. Something other than just rounding would be cool. Eventually, I will be making it so I can just post Blog like entries to my Exercise page.

Working out Again…

Ok, I know it is an on again off again thing with the exercise. However, this time, I am joining a gym.  I am actually joining Anytime Fitness. I have been going Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 2 and a half hours per visit.  It is a nice solid workout.  I do the complete round of their equipment, doing at least 3 sets of 10 on each piece of equipment at as much weight as I can manage.  The weight ranges from 30 pounds to 250 pounds depending on what I am working.  Mostly though, 70 pounds is about where I start.

I am hoping to work out for a month or two like this and get into good enough shape to feel comfortable going to MMA training.  Emmy wants to train MMA also, so I am really looking forward to it!  It should be a lot of fun!  After I get a month or so in, I will consider posting some pics and showing how I am doing.  As it stands, I know I need a lot of work before I even consider starting MMA training, let alone consider posting pics. ;P

Air and Gas combination car a real possibility?

I was reading a story over on CNN that was very interesting.  It was all about a air/gas car that could get 106mpg.  It is a former french race car engineer’s invention.  It has recently been licensed by a US firm for possible production by 2010.  They hope to have a model that could get 106 mpg and seat 6 for less then $18000.  There are some questions on the possibility of a 6 seater getting that good of mileage, but if it is even slightly possible, it would be REALLY impressive!  Could make us consider getting a new car a lot sooner I guess if they triple the mileage possibilities for that kind of price!


So the last several days have been very busy!  Wednesday I fixed a laptop for a guy that had a monkey that knocked it off the desk. Cute monkey, but into everything! Loved my ponytail.Thursday a friend of mine went into the hospital for an operation, had to have him there at 6:30am. I am not a morning person.  He is doing great, but we been getting down to visit him daily which takes some time.  I have also been doing a lot of Computer repair the last several days. Actually, more just helping people work out the kinks on new systems and tweaking them to be the way they want then actually fixing I guess. It had been kind of quiet, then all at once I got several people at once needing stuff.. Always the way it goes I guess.

On top of everything else, my sons former Stepfather came down for a visit that has been planned for more than a month.  Has been kinda fun.  My sons half sister which I had never met, came down with him, and I want them to keep a family tie, so I figured this was an important visit.  So my son has been running around with them, Emmy and I have been running to the hospital, and I been running to help with computers.

Now, tonight, some friends want us to go out to dinner, which we just could not pass up, we always have a good time with them. We also have a UFC fight night on tonight which we are excited about, and we bought the Allifiction “Banned” PPV.  All of which should be awesome fights!  It is Afflictions first fight card, and it is stacked, so it should be awesome!  I just hope it runs smoothly, without to much time between fights, and without to many problems.  Always hard to tell with a new Promotion.  We have high hopes though!

Well, time to go visit my friend in the hospital! Later!

Husband Training…

Saw this the other day on, I actually like the idea of husband training.  For several reasons. One, I have always felt that nagging just annoys men and escalates a problem.  Repeatedly telling us stuff is not going to work.  After hearing it a few times, a guy is just going to close his mind when it is repeated the next time.  At that point, the guy will be thinking about other things.  Where as, if a woman does the least reward thing, he does something that annoys her, and she will react in a cool fashion.  Not bringing up the behavior.  Just not being as “in” to him as normal.. A guy gets the disinterested treatment, he will wonder why and respond more positively to the explaination, after he asks..

Of course, that is just my opinion, but it would sure beat the heck out of getting nagged.  I hate getting nagged, as I am sure most men do.  I think this method would work much better on me.  I want to make my girl happy, and have her interested in what I am doing and right there with me.  If I do something, and she shows no interest in what I am doing, I am going to be curious why. Of course, as a woman, you have to pick a man who is not so into himself that he will never notice you are not happy with him.. and it needs to be a healthy enough relationship and match to begin with that he is interested in you, and you are still “in” to him..  So I like the idea, but it has a whole lot of ifs..

Why do they think people are so far removed that the same basic things do not apply?  We all have basic emotions and instincts.. We are all programmed to react certain ways to certain things..  Why are most babies faces so cute, even to those that are not big on children?  We are programmed to react a certain way to certain things.. Babies included.  Many people will disagree, but instinct can be fought against, but the fact that it is something that has to be trained out of us says something.

Ah well.. Found the article interesting, hope someone else stops and thinks about it also.

Electric cars and renewable energy.

I was reading about Elon Mush, the co-founder of Paypal.  He has multiple startup businesses, and I have a ton of respect for the guy.  He is investing in renewable energy and Electric cars and in general trying to come up with solutions for Americas problems.  Not bad for a guy who left S. Africa at 17 huh?

I am sure many people have heard of Tesla Motors in the last several years? They have a high end electric roadster coming out this year for about $100k.  They will only be producing about 1800 per year to start. A bit steep for the average guy, but, it is a start as far as Elon Mush is concerned.  He hopes to be dropping the price and improving the cars over the next several years.  He is convinced that as they build up the mass production, that they can produce more affordable cars that everyone can drive.  I hope he is right.  I like the idea of having a solar panel on my house that powers my car.