Live Free or Die Hard

So we went and saw Live Free or Die Hard today at one of our local replay cheap theaters. It was well worth it! Good movie!  If you liked any of the other Die Hard movies, you will like this one.  It has a similar feel to The Last Boy Scout that Bruce Willis did.  His entire family basically hates him, but they know they can count on him.  Good stuff.

I also liked the part played by the Mac guy Justin Long. First time I have ever seen a hacker part not played like a complete idiot.  Ok, maybe not the first, but one of the first.  Anyways, was a cool flick. I would recommend it to anyone for a good action movie.

Captain Jack’s

So we went back to Captain Jack’s for Bleys’ birthday today. We went there once before and I said how good the Mango BBQ shrimp we got there was.. Well, tonight it was horrible. I sent mine back. It was completely horrible. I guess they have a new cook, and they totally lack consistency. Won’t be in a hurry to go back there, but we have decided we are going to try and figure out how to make our own Mango BBQ shrimp ourselves.

Van Halen gets back together.. How long will that last?

So Roth and Van Halen are getting back together, sans Michael Anthony.  Hopefully Eddie has quit drinking so they have a chance of staying together.  I grew up on these guys and 80’s rock.  My brother was huge on VH.  So we listened to it a lot.  I was always a bigger Ozzy fan honestly, but I like a LOT of the Van Halen stuff.  However, it was no surprise to me that they fell apart with their drinking habits.  Drunks are not exactly stable. I look forward to that changing!

Should be interesting, Eddies son Wolfgang is going to be playing Bass, and according to the CNN story is choosing most of the music to help bring Van Halen back to a younger feel and audience.  Should be interesting!

Had to buy a new TV.

So our old TV must have taken one to many brown outs.  It had about 3-5 inches of white lines showing across the top blotting out most of the upper portion of the picture.  Was really annoying.  So we finally got sick of it and went out and bought a new one. It is a nice TV. 🙂  My first new one of my adult life.  Always bought used TV’s in the past.  Figured if it worked, who cared?

I wanted to get a TV that would be good for the 2009 standards.(They do have a popup at the link). Since that is coming up pretty quick, it only made sense.. But we did have to spend more then I would have liked on a freaking TV.. Of course, I guess it will make a really nice monitor if it does not work out as a TV.

Tomorrow, we will be buying a nice UPS system for the Stereo/TV setup. Maybe this one will last a bit.. The last one did last us like 5 years.and my grandparents about 4 years I think… and our TV before that was a used one that we got from Rent a Center for like $125.  Good deal.. and it lasted like 8 years or so..

Busy, busy.

Ok, so the last few days I have been pretty busy.  I have been setting up a nice website for a retirement Community locally. They are great folks, and they had been getting suckered in for the last few years for $50 per month or so for a website listing on a site I won’t name.  Kinda silly.  So we got them a 2 year subscription for a host for $120 and I setup Open Realty so they could list their houses and such on their website as well as advertise in general, get onto Google and other search engines and host their own email and such.

Total it will cost them about what they had paid for a year at the other place, and I showed them how to change it to their hearts content, and replaced their Modem, installed a UPS and a new mouse for them while I was at it. They were thrilled! It is a pretty nice site, I have had a great time tweaking it out.  Time wise, I probably spent more time then what I charged for, but it was a lot of fun to do it. The colors and everything are theirs, but I tried to fancy it up a bit!

A good day!

Had a really nice day today. We all went and watched the new Harry Potter Movie. Order of the Phoenix. It was a great movie! Best Wizards Duel I have EVER seen, bar none! It was awesome! I have read a lot of reviews slamming the newest movie for being to dark and so on and so forth. It was exactly what I would expect at this point in Harry’s life! It was great. He started out a bit moody and dark, but by the end his friends had gotten through to him and the gang was kicking butt. I highly recommend the movie! I loved it!

We then went out for dinner with my mother. We went to a place called Captain Jack’s. Had some awesome Mango BBQ Shrimp! Woo! Was great! Actually, I got scallops. Emmy got the shrimp and we shared. The shrimp was the stuff.